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2045-11-16 One Punch Man18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-09-13 In the Ring18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-05-14 I Do Not Want to Hurt You18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2045-10-08 Thursday Night is Also Alright for Fighting18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-02-07 Fishboy, Papa Poppadom, Portal Lady, and the Duckling18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-01-07 Fight Night18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2045-09-22 Fight Night18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-04-14 Violence and Gossip18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2045-10-15 Thursday Night Fights18th Street Station - Mutant Town
2046-03-03 StrongA Bar That We Can't Recall, Where No One Can Recognize Us
2046-04-20 When the Past Comes CallingA Dive Bar in Mutant Town
2045-10-22 Stop Right There, Criminal ScumA Dubious Chop Shop
2046-07-17 With An Extra 'L'A Fancy Hotel Restaurant
2046-06-05 Just Hoist Me UpA Fire Escape, Somewhere In New York
2046-09-15 Beggars Will RideA Horse Farm - New Jersey
2046-02-15 Hotel BreakA Hotel
2046-10-23 Run Away A LittleA Very Nice House - New Jersey
2044-04-21 Looking At The StarsA small town. India
2044-06-02 FreeA warehouse. India.
2045-12-15 Helloooo NurseABC Clinic
2046-01-24 No Man Left BehindABC Clinic
2045-09-29 Smiley Face StickersABC Clinic
2045-10-15 Colors and NumbersABC Clinic
2045-12-06 Volunteer HoursABC Clinic
2046-01-05 Change of SceneryABC Clinic
2045-10-22 Skin DeepABC Clinic
2045-11-17 InfectionABC Clinic
2045-09-03 Surprise InterviewABC Investigations
2045-10-17 Paychecks and GingersABC Urgent Care
2046-04-15 Lucky to Be BackABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-05-17 Underbelly of the BeastABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-07-10 Missing PersonsABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-09-20 Routine CheckupABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-03-04 WaitingABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-09-05 Lady Tiffany Von Baphomet the Six Hundredth and Sixty-SixthABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-04-30 Another GingerABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2046-04-26 RipplesABC Urgent Care - Mutant Town
2036-04-28 Boiling PointAbandoned Water Works Facility
2045-12-20 Not ObnoxiousAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment
2046-02-02 Seeing ThingsAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment
2045-12-13 Pre-Party PrimpingAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment
2045-10-20 ApologiesAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment
2045-08-06 Harry Potter and the Terrible HouseguestAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2045-11-24 Moving PartsAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2046-05-12 After the FightAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2046-08-16 Packing for MayhemAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2046-01-30 The Weather Outside Is FrightfulAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2045-11-16 Good MorningAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2046-03-20 BreakdownAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
2046-09-16 After the FireAlexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
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