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Scott Summers74Concussive BlastsScott Summers is the former leader of the X-Men and the current headmaster of Xavier's School.YesStaff NPC
Bobby DrakeIce manipulation, ice formBobby Drake is one of the X-Men and a former student at Xavier's School. He disappeared off the map 30 years or so ago on a mission. Even Charles Xavier wasn't able to locate him using Cerebro.YesNPC
Raven DarkholmeMetamorphRaven Darkholme is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the right hand of Magneto, and she's out there somewhere.YesNPC
Victor CreedPhysical mutations, enhanced senses, healing factorVictor Creed is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, currently at large somewhere. No one really knows where.YesNPC
LoganAdamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factorLogan was a principal member of the X-Men and a keystone of the Xavier's School staff until shortly after Jean Grey passed away.YesNPC
Erik LensherrMaster of MagnetismMagneto was the head of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the mutant terrorist organization that was the predecessor to Revelation.NoNPC
RavenousRavenous served as the head of Annihilus's Seekers and one of his most loyal generals in the Annihilation AU.NoStaff NPC
St. John AllerdycePyrokineticSt. John Allerdyce was a student at Xavier's School before he joined Magneto and the Brotherhood. Now he is with Rogue in Revelation.NoNPC
Dr. Jean GreyTelepathy/TelekinesisJean Grey was one of the X-Men as well as a doctor, teacher, political activist and infamous public mutant.NoStaff NPC
AnnihilusAnnihilus was the leader of the Annihilation Wave that invaded the Annihilation AU. He was able to take over most of the galaxy and hold sway for many years before the combined efforts of the United Front and X-Factor finally defeated him.NoStaff NPC
Jamie Madrox60DuplicationJamie Madrox is a self-replicator living many lives across the world.NoStaff NPC
Rogue60Powers absorptionRogue was once a key member of the X-Men, once an Xavier's School student, and is now the leader of Revelation.NoStaff NPC
Robert Rider62Robert Rider is the younger brother of Richard Rider. He is a physicist and roboticist working out of Glen Haven, Colorado.NoNPC
Mortimer ToynbeePhysical mutations, agility, leapingMortimer Toynbee is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who has since retired.NoNPC
WorldmindWorldmind is a sentient, alien supercomputer that resides in Richard Rider's head.NoNPC
Ororo MunroeWeather ControlOroro Munroe was one of the X-Men and a teacher at Xavier's School.NoNPC
Dr. Charles XavierTelepathCharles Xavier was the founder of Xavier's School for the Gifted and the X-Men.NoStaff NPC
GamoraGamora is a deadly warrior from the Annihilation AU. She was a member of the United Front for many years and was integral in the galaxy's fight against Annihilus.NoStaff NPC
Callisto54Enhanced speed/reflexes; enhanced strength; enhanced sensesCallisto is also known as War, one of the founding members of Revelation recruited by Rogue.NoStaff NPC

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