Plant Pot

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Plant Pot
Begin Date 2016/04/15
End Date 2016/04/17
Location Upstate New York
GM Zzbb
Participants Irene, Ciel, Kade, Maxim, Talya, Richard
Organizations Spiro


Odd things are happening at an old estate in Upstate New York. X-Factor is called in to potentially assist.


  • X-Factor Solutions arrives at Eden and meet Doctor Marcos, who informs them that the scientists have been having trouble getting samples from the plants in the greenhouse. They plants appear to be fighting back. XFS is here to help get those samples for the Seed Bank.
  • Ciel, Irene and Richard attempt to get some samples from one of the many greenhouses in the Warren. They only get a few before getting attacked by plants. They escape before anyone gets seriously hurt.
  • Kade, Maxim and Talya explore a secret passageway from the library. They discover a control room for the greenhouses, more passageways, and centipedes. Really big ones.
  • Everyone heads into the Warren. On their way to the center, they are harassed by cacti needles and hallucinogenic flowers. In the Heart of the Warren they discover Mary, formerly known as Mary Springdale who owned the estate. She has been living in the greenhouse with her sister, Eva, who became the gardens after passing away.


Dr. Marcos and Mary work out an agreement so that Spiro can get the garden samples they want and Mary can stay with the gardens. No one else gets attacked by the plants, although Spiro still uses XFS members on that last afternoon to help get some additional samples...just in case.


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