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Open Hands
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Open Hands was founded in 2038 as a simple halfway house in Mutant Town. It has since expanded to include the adjacent building.

Purpose & Goals

Primarily serving young adult mutants with criminal backgrounds or troubled pasts, Open Hands aims to facilitate the integration and/or reintegration of these individuals back into society. While Open Hands does offer a resident program, non-resident mutants in need are welcome. With the exception of intoxicated individuals, those not involved in the resident program are still encouraged to seek shelter here.


  • Food/Shelter
  • Crisis Counseling & Group Therapy
  • Career Counseling
  • Legal Advisement
  • Academic Advisement (GED, College)
  • Recreational Services/Community Outreach (Yoga, Community Garden, Neighborhood Clean-up, etc.)


Open Hands is almost entirely volunteer-based with very few paid positions.

Residents are required to take part in a rotating chore list.

Meal times and curfews are loosely enforced by both volunteers and residents.

Security is outsourced to X-Factor.

  • Main Building: First Floor
    • Rec Room
    • Kitchen
    • Backyard Access
    • Counseling Office: Jacque (Reserved NPC)
    • Office of Volunteer Coordinator: Rohan (PC)
  • Main Building Residents: Second Floor
  • Main Building Residents: Third Floor
    • Room 3: Empty
    • Room 4: Lea (PC)
  • Building Two Residents: First Floor
    • Room 1: Empty
    • Room 2: Pete (NPC)
  • Building Two Residents: Third Floor
    • Room 5: Empty
    • Room 6: Empty

Other Information

Most of the NPC characters listed below are up for adoption and free to use in your scenes with the exception of Ilad Tal-Shachar and Jacque Hart. Seriously! That's what they're there for!

Important Figures

Currently Affiliated

  • Samad Gonzalez (PC) - Formerly an X-Force agent, Samad is a video game developer for a prominent gaming company. He recently relocated to New York from Beijing with his husband. He also volunteers his time in an administrative capacity at Open Hands. (Pain Inducement).
  • Rohan Ainsworth (PC) - Rohan is a recent arrival in New York, possessed of a bright smile and a Yorkshire accent that some find at odds with his appearance. (Memory Manipulation).
  • Lea Baumann (PC) - Lea is a small town girl turned theatre major turned member of the resistance on an apocalyptic Earth in the Annihilation AU. Coming to a different universe is kind of messing with her head. (Phasing).
  • Christian Brams-Miller (PC) - Son of a recently apprehended member of al-Sahra, Christian is Ciel's half-brother. At 16, he was kidnapped with members of X-Factor and brought to the Annihilation AU. Separated from them, he became lost in the Ice Age Alternate Universe. (Aquatic Portals).
  • Sergio Mireles (NPC) - Sergio attended Xavier’s but was expelled for fighting. He was arrested once in 2044 and once recently for aggravated assault. He currently resides at Open Hands while pursuing his GED. (Photokinesis).
  • Tyrone Stevens (NPC) - Tyrone became a resident at Open Hands after being kicked out by his mother over his temper. (Sensory Manipulation).
  • Ilad Tal-Shachar (NPC) - Ilad was part of X-Force from its second year of operation through approx 2026, when injuries on the job rendered him paralyzed and wheel-chair bound. He writes young adult novels with queer and mutant themes and serves as a local part-time rabbi. (Pyrokinesis).
  • Jacque Hart (NPC) - Jacque is a licensed psychologist. She practices primarily out of her own home in Mutant Town but volunteers a great deal of her time at Open Hands. She is married with no children. (Empathy).
  • Pookie (NPC) - The owner of a food truck, he volunteers his time at and makes all of the decisions regarding the kitchen ordering for Open Hands. (Arachnid).
  • Taurus (NPC) - Taurus is a recovering drug addict and resident at Open Hands. His parents are both transplants from Mexico. (Animalistic Adaptations).
  • Tati Pardee (NPC) - Tati was a homeless teen until seeking refuge at Open Hands. She is currently working towards her GED. She wants to go to school to become a beautician. (Density Manipulation).
  • Siera (NPC) - A resident at Open Hands, she is a former prostitute and recovering drug addict. (Animalistic Adaptations).
  • Julia Radnofsky (NPC) - Julia is a resident at Open Hands. She is from Hungary and came to the United States as a mail order bride before manifesting. She speaks very little English but is learning. (Organic Steel).
  • Pete Buchanan (NPC) - Pete comes from an affluent Upper West Side family that rejected him shortly after his manifestation. Although penniless, he has never been homeless. He is a resident at Open Hands. (Allergen Field).

Formerly Affiliated

  • Luka Zdravkovic (PC) - Disgraced former member of the X-Men, Luka ran a halfway house for young adult mutants called Open Hands which he opened in 2038. He was recently arrested for the murder of Mikhail Lesin. (Death Sense, Healing).
  • Lucita Arroyo (PC) - Lucita is a second-generation Puerto Rican, born in Detroit but raised on the streets, who is entirely too close to Will Hunt. (Inorganic Disintegration).


Nip-Tuck7 December 2016Renowned not just amongst the housewives of the Upper East Side but also nationally for her numerous charitable works with injured military veterans, the cosmetic surgeon, author, and mutant sympathizer Dr. Lisa Pett has become the face of a recent ad campaign offering surgical solutions for those in the New York area suffering from unwanted physical mutation. With transformation photos and testimonials to back it up, ‘The Homo Superior - Homo Perfectus Project’ promises subsidized payment plans and personalized care throughout the transition process.
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