From X-Factor

Begin Date 2016/12/07
End Date 2016/12/19
Location Mutant Town - New York City
GM Scarletwitchy
Participants Vega, Will, Rohan, Orianne, Irene, Kade
Important NPCs Echo, Misty the Bat Girl, Taurus
Organizations Open Hands

Renowned not just amongst the housewives of the Upper East Side but also nationally for her numerous charitable works with injured military veterans, the cosmetic surgeon, author, and mutant sympathizer Dr. Lisa Pett has become the face of a recent ad campaign offering surgical solutions for those in the New York area suffering from unwanted physical mutation.

With transformation photos and testimonials to back it up, ‘The Homo Superior - Homo Perfectus Project’ promises subsidized payment plans and personalized care throughout the transition process.


  • An ad campaign targets people with physical mutations. (Dec. 1)
  • Will and a girl exhibiting physical mutations are abducted. (Dec. 5)
  • Rohan learns of Echo's escape and abduction from an FBI agent's mind. (Dec. 8)
  • Vega gleans information from Homo Perfectus computer. (Dec. 9)
  • Echo helps Will and Misty escape. (Dec. 9)


  • Homo Perfectus escapes, leaving behind Echo's decaying brain. (Dec. 21)
  • To be continued...


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