Nicodemus Barns

From X-Factor

Nicodemus Barns
Gender Male
Age 22
Mutation Wolf Shifter & Healing
Birth January 20, 2023
Height 5'10"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Pale

Nicodemus is a relatively new arrival to NYC. He came into town with Lily Young, with whom he shares an apartment in Mutant Town. That's where he mostly keeps himself, at least when he's human.

Public Information

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2023

Withdrawn from public school in 2035

Detained overnight once in August and again in September of 2045 by the NYPD for 'disorderly conduct'.


As a new arrival, not a great deal is known about Nicodemus, yet. However, it is said that he's got a pretty powerful sense of smell and hearing, and that he'll put those talents to use, for a price.


Wolfing: Nicodemus can shape shift from human to wolf and back again. He can't become any kind of hybrid human-wolf thing. Changing takes about thirty seconds, and he generally has control over when he changes. Heightened emotions and severe pain can compel him to shift from human to wolf. He can try to resist this shift, but he may not be able to do so. As a wolf, his form is generally more stable, especially the longer he's in it, and he’s ruled by his id.

As a wolf, Nicodemus is focused on the moment, and he tends to think in sensory images rather than words. Because he’s being ruled by his id, and his ego and superego are on vacation, the longer he’s a wolf, the less likely he is to remain focused on whatever goal compelled him to shift into a wolf in the first place (if it was an intended shift). After half a day in wolf form, he’s too distracted with scents, sounds and other immediate interests to be goal oriented.

Once he's reached this stage, he can't easily shift back into a human because he doesn’t want to and can’t easily muster up the concentration to do so. Certain things can trigger him back into a human form: smells or sounds associated with his human memories. There's not a list of specific triggers, it's a fairly arbitrary thing. It doesn't mean he'll be a wolf forever, but it does mean nobody knows what will pull him back or when. (Lily's a bit of an exception.)

If he's in the city, it's usually not more than a day before he comes back to himself. If he's in the wilderness where there are far fewer scents and sounds that are tied to his human life, it could be weeks or longer. If Nicodemus is a wolf, he can choose to resist a change back. It's much easier to remain a wolf. Even when he's a wolf, Nicodemus ages at a normal human rate.

Even as a human, Nicodemus has the heightened senses of a wolf. He's colorblind, but he can see much better in the dark than a normal human. He can hear as well as a wolf and smell as well as a wolf, though the lack of rotating pinnae and a smaller, dryer nose mean he has less precision in what he hears and smells when he's in human form. Still, he's capable of hearing the decibel range of wolves and tracking a single scent through the city (or at least up to the point where the trail goes cold). However, Nicodemus tends to find it easier to focus on such sensory tasks as a wolf.

Healing Factor: Nicodemus's body can heal itself, though he can't regrow limbs or organs. He can bleed out if injured badly enough†. Most wounds‡ can close and heal over the course of a day or so. He doesn't get sick due to viruses or bacteria.

†Badly enough: either slashing open an artery or many bleeding wounds at once, like buckshot.

‡Here's a chart of example injuries/ailments and how long it would take for Nicodemus to heal from them:

Seconds: paper cuts, rug burns, splinters, blisters and other similarly small and superficial injuries

Minutes: minor bruises, first degree burns, sprains, and other minor injuries. If a wound generally wouldn't significantly impair function but is more severe than a superficial injury, it will take a couple minutes to repair.

Hours: a single, clean stab wound, a broken nose, a severe bruise such as a swollen eye, broken fingers or toes

One Day: 1-3 non-lethal stab wounds, a normal gunshot wound, a broken limb that breaks in one place cleanly, second degree burns.

Two Days: Multiple bullet wounds or 3+ stab wounds or a lethal stab wound, if he didn't bleed out.

Three Days: Fractures that are more complicated than one clean break, trauma to the brain or damage to any of his vital organs. Third degree burns or major bacterial/viral infections would also take this long to heal. (Nicodemus doesn't usually contract illnesses such as viruses or bacterial infections, as his body eradicates viruses and bacteria before they can reproduce enough to cause symptoms. However, if he was actively injected with a large load of virus or bacteria, it would take him three days to recover.)

In addition to the above, bleeding out takes 2x as long for him as for a normal human. Drugs/toxins/poisons can affect him, but require 3x the normal dose to do so, and only last for 1/3 as long (alcohol, recreational and beneficial drugs included). Depriving his body of something vital (i.e. oxygen, water, food) requires deprivation for 3x as long as normal to kill him. When his body heals from an injury caused by a foreign object that remains in the body (bullet or arrow for example), his body will push out the foreign object as it heals. Nicodemus ages at a normal human rate.

GM Notes

Presence + Shapeshifting roll to resist involuntarily shifting from human to wolf

Presence + Shapeshifting roll with a reduced target number to resist involuntarily shifting from wolf to human

After six hours as a wolf, Presence roll every hour to see if he can hold his focus. Each time Nicodemus must roll, target number increases by +1.

Heightened Senses + Reaction roll with reduced target number if using his senses while in wolf form


Nicodemus is a skilled tracker, and he's also a handy hunter, much as anyone needs anything hunted in New York City. Once upon a time, he kept himself alive via shady don't-ask-don't-tell jobs, and he still remembers such useful skills as petty larceny and hotwiring.


Nicodemus is the sort of fellow who is more at ease observing than participating. He often opts to keep his thoughts to himself, and when he speaks, it's usually straight to the point. Apparently, he has the gene for mutation but not the one for small talk.