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Mikhail Alexeyevich Lesin
Gender Male
Age 21
Mutation Luck maker
Birth 9/15/2024
Death May 19, 2046
Height 6'0
Hair Brown, shaggy
Eyes Brown
Previous Affiliation Obtshak, X-Factor Solutions
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Mikhail is a luck-maker who used to belong to the Russian mafia. Then he belonged to himself. Then he belonged to Luka, who ate his death like a vampire.

Public Information

Murdered in Mutant Town after an attack by several members of the Friends of Humanity and a fellow mutant, Luka Zdravkovic.


Mikhail is a luck-maker and a luck-manipulator. It manifests in two ways:

Luck manipulation: This might be better termed as 'probability manipulation', but Mikhail has always thought of it in terms of luck, partly because of how he controls it - or doesn't. Basically within a fifteen yard radius, he can tilt things this way or that. If it's something that /may/ happen, he can make it happen - or not happen. This is generally small things, such as a foot slipping on the sidewalk, a door not quite closing, a person turning their head at the right moment, a camera delaying half a second to take that picture instead of this one. Mikhail is very good at this, but it's a general sort of control - he focuses on what he wants the outcome to be, and his 'manipulation' is largely unconscious, stretching out into his surroundings to find a way to make it happen. So he may decide to leave a door open, and his mutation works to direct a rock in the way or to create a gust of wind that keeps the latch from catching or anything else that's possible. He may want someone - anyone - to notice something, so his mutation stretches out to find anyone with the urge to lift their head or pause for a moment. Occasionally he will focus on a particular exact result from a particular exact person or thing, but this is much, much harder and requires a great deal of energy and concentration. He is much more likely to fail this sort of manipulation. How easy it is depends on how much 'manipulation' he's doing - IE, how likely the thing was to happen anyway.

Luck-making: Mikhail has the ability to imbue up to ten people at a time with good or bad luck. How long it lasts is proportionate to how many people he imbues. One person's luck could last a about ten hours; ten people's luck lasts an hour. Most commonly he imbues 4-6 people, which lasts four to six hours. For easy math. This affects everything they do in the same way that his luck-manipulation does, except they can't control /exact/ outcomes, only general ones that affect what they're actually trying to do. So for example, they could not luck into a door staying open, but they would find it remarkably easy to pick a lock. They won't stumble or trip, and their punches will almost always connect. In general, it's like walking around life on easy-mode.

GM Notes

In combat, luck-making for other people should be something like a +10 modifier.


Mikhail is generally curious and sharp, but often finds himself overwhelmed by large crowds or unexpected situations.


Mikhail Lesin was born in Saint Petersburg in 2025, the oldest of five. His childhood was busy, but largely happy. His family ran a bakery, and the children helped in some aspect or another for most of their lives, first with sweeping and taking out the trash, and later with kneading the bread or manning the counter.

Always in Russia, though, the danger lingers. There are a thousand ways to attract the attention of the mafia, none of them good. For the Lesins, it came when Mikhail's younger sister, Vasilia, manifested on her thirteenth birthday. Her mutation was largely useless - color displays at her fingertips, akin to the northern lights. It was enough to gain the wrong sort of attention, though, and Mikhail, only 18 months older, took to walking Vasilia to and from school every day.

Which is how he met Eva.

As usual, their walk was uneventful. It always was. Anyone with less than stellar intentions tended to stop for a coffee or bend to tie their shoelaces or look the wrong direction just as they approached. Luck always seemed to be on their side.

Until Eva stretched telepathic fingers into Mikhail's mind and twisted it. Mikhail, not yet 15, had no idea what he'd been doing to keep Vasilia safe, but it had not gone unnoticed. Eva left Vasilia and her useless mutation alone, but she took Mikhail.

For four years, Mikhail saw the light of day only in Eva's company, and only for a reason. Telepathic fingers and threats to his family kept him largely under control, but as time went on, his power grew. He honed his ability to tilt luck in this direction or that. He became capable of attaching 'luck' to other people for a period of time.

Eventually, they became concerned that Eva could not keep him properly leashed. All it would take is one tiny slip - the sort of slip Mikhail was becoming increasingly skilled at causing - and he'd be gone.

So they stopped taking him outside. Eva came only to supervise Mikhail when he was called on to imbue others with good luck. It was a very rare occasion that he left his rooms at all. At 19, he met Vitaly, and what hope he had had of escape drained away.

Vitaly brought him meals and occasionally took him out in public for larger, more important jobs, where he handed him off to Eva before taking him home again. And as long as Vitaly was within fifty yards, Mikhail found himself completely unable to affect anything. No luck shifting, no luck imbuing. Whatever Vitaly did, it cancelled out his power completely.

Over the course of the next two years, Mikhail withdrew into himself. He lost himself in books and television and writing. The only person he spoke to regularly was Vitaly. Occasionally the other man would consent to keep him company. They played games, and Mikhail would beg for details of the outside world. Vitaly would never share politics or jobs or other important information, but occasionally they would have long conversations about the day's weather or the last sports game Vitaly had watched or movies Mikhail might like if he could catch them on television. Vitaly kept Mikhail sane even as he kept him prisoner.

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Mikhail found himself loaded aboard a private plane. The fact that several mafia mutants went with them despite Vitaly's presence - which most mutants despised - clearly meant that something important was afoot.

Mikhail has yet to discover what it is. He knows they're in New York because the television has changed. His rooms are different, but his life is the same. Vitaly keeps him company, Eva oversees his luck, and he sends the Russian mafia out into the world with a limited time +10 bonus to whatever they're trying to do.

His family is a distant memory these days. Eva's grown frightened of what might happen if she's not on her perfect guard. And this change has Mikhail growing restless and desperate. He's watching for a hole - any hole - that might mean his freedom.


After Obtshak found themselves distracted by tangling with X-Factor and Mutant Affairs, Mikhail found himself with an opportunity to escape, and threw himself (rather literally) on Kade's mercy. He spent several weeks staying with the other man before most of Obtshak found themselves in prison.

Mikhail now has a nice studio apartment on the first floor of Avenue B Apartments and works as a bus boy in the Lower East side. He is experimenting with more entertaining ways to supplement his income.

Mikhail spent a great deal of time at Open Hands working with Luka in an effort to learn how to turn his mutation off. He was never successful and grew increasingly angry as Mutant Town conflicts with the Friends of Humanity gained steam. Eventually he caused real damage with his mutation - some of it intentional, some of it not. After hitting a Friends member with a car, he begged Luka to heal him, narrowly averting one disaster only to cause another. Soon after, he was attacked by the same Friend and several others, and instead of healing him, Luka killed Mikhail in order to feed his addiction to death.


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