Micaela Teller

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Micaela Teller
Alias Rocketeer
Gender Female
Age 27
Mutation Aero/Pyrokinetic Flight
Birth April 17, 2019
Height 5'9"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Markings 'Diego' tattooed on hip
Skin Dusky
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Force
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Micaela is a fiery flier and former X-Force agent. She has spent the last five years being a minor celebrity in Spain, in part due to marrying Diego.

Public Information

2025–2033 — Attended Lowell School
2033–2037 — Attended Emerson Preparatory School
2034 — Manifested as a mutant while stopping a gunman on Capitol Hill
2034–2040 — Frequently noted in new reports as a very visible mutant daughter of a sitting congresswoman. Often noted as flying around D.C.
2041–2046 — Featured in celebrity and gossip rags in Spain and Europe, mostly for her association with Diego. Their wedding was a big deal locally.


Depending on who you ask, some people speak of her fondly, but also with marked exasperation. Other people skip the fondness and just sound exasperated.


Micaela can superheat air around her body to ignite it and then control the flames with air. There isn't a lot of variation in her heat generation. Her two settings are heat mirage or flames with nothing in-between. The fire generated reaches around 2000F, which is suitably hot enough to burn things, but not to melt metal. Her particular form of aerokinises is also a blunt instrument, limited to directing the air around the flames.

These abilities mostly manifest as rocket-like flight--a massive force used to propel her from the ground into the air. Bursts of flame and air are also used to control the direction of her flight and help her touch down softly when she needs to land again. Her maximum speed is 800mph, which she can sustain for only a few seconds. At the slower speeds she usually travels at, 200-100mph, she can fly for an hour or two before risking burning herself out.

Her body is fireproof and more durable than the average human, although she still shouldn't slam into things at full speed and expect not to get injured


  • Familiar with some of the inner workings of national politics and Washington D.C.
  • Can integrate into posh, upper class societies if she cares to.
  • Olympic-level Muay Thai fighter




Although technically from New York, Micaela Teller spent most of her childhood and part of her adult life living in Washington D.C. and considers herself one of them. She grew up comfortably wealthy, never lacking anything she needed, except sometimes attention. Her parents both worked for the government, which kept them busy, especially with her mother serving in congress. Theirs was a family with a lot of love in it, but with also a lot of high expectations for their two daughters.

While both girls did well in school, the younger Micaela was always the more physically restless, even after she was put in sports. Of everything her parents put her in, shopping around for something that would hold her attention, it was the martial art of Muay Thai she landed on with a passion. She was eight years old when she began practicing it and has never stopped training. As she got older and started to compete and win in competitions, she set her sights on the Olympics with intent to bring home a medal. But she never got there. Instead, she manifested as a mutant.

It wasn't supposed to be an eventful day on Capitol Hill. Micaela was there after school to meet up with her mom, hanging out of the steps and watching a small group of people picketing over troop deployment or veterans or something--she wasn't really paying that much attention. She saw her mother exiting the building with others in the same moment someone pulled out a gun. Before the police could even stop him, she was airborne and she was fire, barreling into the gunman and carrying them both away from the building. It was a short, quick flight that ended with crashing painfully into the lawn of the National Mall. They were both taken into police custody minutes after, though she was released later in the day.

Her mother tried to repress the story, but the media got ahold of it anyway. It didn't help that Micaela hardly hid away while she struggled to control her new abilities. Her remaining years in high school were troubled, marked with fights and detentions, and when she finally graduated she still didn't know what to do with herself. But someone thought they might know what to do with her. She had connections, she had skills that could be utilized...and if she was going to rocket through the skies of Washington D.C. and the surrounding area, she might as well do it for the government.

So in 2037 she joined X-Force, throwing herself into the job with passion and dedication. Acting overly casual about things sometimes, she flirted and fought the rest of the time with no apparent discrimination. Just as energetic in the field, she was not well suited for missions that involved a lot of stealth, prone to wanting to be where the action was. On her own time she did as she pleased, but at least on mission followed orders with minimal mouthiness.

Then Staten Island happened and shortly after everything fell apart. Public opinion turned, X-Force was closed down, and Micaela was once again at loose ends just when she'd found her place to be. Fellow X-Force agent and new boyfriend Diego invited her to come with him to Spain, where his family was. Looking for an escape, she agreed and they left the United States together. Later, she would even marry him, when in a fit of passion after he won a bullfighting match, Diego proposed. She may have called him an idiot, but she still said yes.


After almost six years of Europe, she returned to New York with husband in tow, ostensibly to help her family as they re-settle in the states, but mostly to take a break from the in-laws. It was just in time to get swept up in a call going around to former X-Force agents: Something is happening at the Staten Island rift again.

Micaela and Diego jumped at the chance to take the fight to the Annihilation AU, throwing themselves into battle and celebrations with equal enthusiasm. After all, the war was both epic and they won.


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