Erik Lensherr

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Erik Lensherr
Alias Magneto
Gender Male
Mutation Master of Magnetism
Death 2044
Hair Silver
Eyes Blue
Previous Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants

Magneto was the head of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the mutant terrorist organization that was the predecessor to Revelation.


Magnetism and metal control.

Public Information

Publicly thought to have died in battle in 2037.

Important Events

Erik Lensherr was taken down in combat with the X-Men for the final time about eight years ago. He was badly injured and fell into a coma. His body was kept alive, tended and aided as much as possible by the healing abilities of devoted mutant followers. He made numerous public appearances in the years following this defeat, but these are all attributable to Mystique. His death came about two hours after Charles Xavier finally died. It's entirely possible that he spent those eight years of coma maintained in the astral plane by his connection to Charles Xavier, and finally shuffled loose the mortal coil only when Charles's sustaining presence was finally gone.