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Luka Zdravkovic
Alias Carrion
Gender Male
Age 43
Mutation Death Sense, Healing
Birth June 12th, 2002
Height 6'1"
Hair Brown (Salt & Pepper)
Eyes Hazel
Markings Two Full Tattoo Sleeves (R: Cherry Blossoms & Skulls, L: Koi in Water & an unfinished Foghorn Leghorn), Back/Shoulder Tattoo (Vulture), Right Thigh Tattoo (Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Skin Olive
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School, X-Men, Open Hands
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Disgraced former member of the X-Men, Luka ran a halfway house for young adult mutants called Open Hands which he opened in 2038. He was recently arrested for the murder of Mikhail Lesin.

Public Information

  • Xavier's Institute '21 (High School Diploma)
  • Open Hands (Founder)
  • City University of New York (Currently Enrolled)
  • Arrested for murder of Mikhail


Luka is well-respected and generally liked amongst what most would consider the dregs of Mutant Town. He doesn’t get in anybody’s way and helps those who come to him for help.

In more polite mutant society, there are people who would still remember him in a much less flattering light.


Luka’s abilities center around the detection and conversion of the necroplasmic energy that surrounds injured, dying or recently deceased people and animals.

Through physical contact, Luka is able to convert this necroplasmic energy into biomolecular energy. He is subsequently able to do one of two things: use it to heal whoever it originated from ...or absorb it as sustenance, thusly pushing them that much closer to the void.

GM Notes

He is enthralled by the scent and the "taste" of necroplasmic energy. For him, any contact at all with it has similar effects to that of an opiate.


Luka has the luxury of having already come face to face many of with his demons. Despite being the most unlikely of sources, he has resolved to be a font of life for other people who are rallying to face theirs. His optimism is diluted only by an innate pragmatism, creating a very paternal temperament.


Luka is the son of a Russian-born former prostitute and a Serbian thug. He was born in what is known today as the Republic of Serbia. Luka’s two older sisters, his parents, and paternal grandparents occupied two separate apartments in the same building. His dilapidated childhood home was controlled by the gang that Luka’s father worked for. The family lived in what could be described as comfortable poverty there until Luka was thirteen, at which point his world came crashing down.

His eldest sister became romantically involved with the spoiled and out of control son of someone much higher up in their father’s organization. Against their father’s wishes, she began spending more and more time away from the family. It got to the point where she would leave for entire days and return strung out. Eventually, she returned battered with a black eye. Their father waited for the young man to appear and muscle for hire that he was, beat him within nearly an inch of his life.

The backlash from the gang was swift and extreme, but Luka was spared having to witness it firsthand. His mother put him and his sisters on a train that very night. Packed with meager provisions and all of the cash savings that the family had, the three fled for their lives.

Naive and in love, Luka’s sister betrayed them only hours into their trip by contacting the family of the boy who had put them all in this position. Against the advice of her siblings and without the knowledge that their parents had already been killed, she was determined to make peace. Leaving thirteen year old Luka and his fourteen year old sister Marjan waiting at a bus terminal, she scheduled a rendezvous.

Marjan and Luka waited for two days. On the third day, a man appeared whose face they recognized from home. They fled. Coaxing a truck driver into allowing them to stow away, the pair slipped across the border into Hungary. They spent the next two years stealing and begging on the streets of Budapest before growing courageous enough to attempt the same trick to cross over into Austria. Unfortunately, before they ever made it to the border, the driver of the truck they had stowed away in turned on them. He became violent for whatever reason and left them no choice but to defend themselves. No strangers to a scrape, they nearly killed him between the two of them and would have had Luka’s abilities not manifested.

Intuitively, Luka used his powers to save the man’s life and left himself incapacitated. When he awoke, he was alone on an abandoned Hungarian road without the truck, driver, or his sister.

Starving and disoriented, Luka managed to travel by foot to the Austrian border nearly 26 kilometers from where he had been abandoned. He was not picked up by border guards or police, rather X-Men who had been in the area and were alerted to the signature of a new mutant in distress.

In 2017, Luka became a ward of Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted. He was fifteen. At the time of his arrival, he spoke not a single word of the English language. He was aggressively defensive, deeply resentful of the world, and extremely hormonal. The first few years attending the school were filled with false-phallic posturing, fighting, and quite a few brushes with the threat of expulsion.

By the time he graduated four years later, he was the cookie-cutter image of what Xavier and the X-Men stood for. Educated in the morality of power and more traditional subjects as well, Luka eagerly joined the ranks of the X-Men as, ‘Carrion.’ He was an active member for only four years.

It was the X-Men that would unknowingly facilitate Luka’s eventual fall from grace. He had never had to use his abilities with such frequency before joining them as a healer. As a student, he was never pushed to the extremes of his limits. No one was prepared for the addictive nature of the energy that he manipulated, least of all Luka.

Heroes get injured. Such is the way of the world. Rather than allowing time to do it’s work, having a healer on the roster became something to take advantage of. Luka would aid his teammates even for the most minor of injuries until little by little, his control slipped from his grasp. He became unaccountable, making mistakes that put people at risk. Well before the X-Men disbanded, an intervention was held and Luka was stripped of his position on the team.

Luka slipped off of into the night. He spent the next decade as a slave to his addiction, scoping out hospitals and trauma wards. He traveled with a police radio while such a thing was still possible, scoping out emergency situations for his fixes. A few times, he was known to actively put other people in danger to feed his habit. Unable to hold a job, he became homeless. A few of his former Xavier's associates took him in over the years, only to be forced to give up on him.

In 2032, Luka used his ability to track the signature of a mortally wounded mutant girl. The girl reminded him so much of his long lost sister that it shook him to the bone. He saved her life and checked himself into a program that very day.

Luka did not heal anyone for nearly fifteen years. In that time, he was briefly married to an American woman that he came to know during his recovery, but divorced her after she relapsed, spent all of the couple’s savings, and abandoned Luka with their infant child. With his ex serving time for possession with intent to distribute and solicitation, he retained sole custody of their now five-year-old daughter, Maryanne. He also enrolled at the City University of New York.

With the help of various grants and benefactors, Luka has partnered with a crisis counselor to start Open Hands. Most of those who found themselves under Luka’s wing are homeless, recovering addicts, and/or recent parolees in their late teens or early twenties.

One such wayward mutant youth was Mikhail, whose power to manipulate luck ended in catastrophe for both Luka and himself. Luka was arrested for his involvement in the young man's murder in 2046 and remains in custody pending trial.


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