Lea Baumann

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Alea Baumann
Gender Female
Age 24
Mutation Phasing
Birth September 14, 1982 / 2022
Height 5'4"
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions, Open Hands
Previous Affiliation Annilhilation AU Resistance
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Lea is a small town girl turned theatre major turned member of the resistance on an apocalyptic Earth in the Annihilation AU. Coming to a different universe is kind of messing with her head.


Lea has the ability to pass through solid obstacles, either in part or in whole. She can phase through walls, reach into safes, and pass through bodies. She can extend this effect to anything she's capable of carrying, allowing her to draw things and people through matter with her.

She can maintain this state for as long as she can hold her breath. While phased, she can move herself in any direction, allowing her to push herself up through ceilings or down through floors. She moves at the rate at which she can walk or run, with the same limitations.

Phasing through organic matter takes more effort than phasing through inorganic matter. Moving through any inorganic material takes very little effort, and she can do it consistently for several hours before noticeable effect, but phasing through organic matter is only possible half a dozen times in an hour.


Lea is accomplished at a variety of things required for survival, including basic repair, gardening, hunting (both bow and gun), and moving without being seen or heard.


Focused and skittish, most of Lea's pre-war outgoing, flashy side seems to have been buried along with her friends and family. These days she's quieter, with a sarcastic edge and a ruthless determination to survive.


Alea Baumann was born in small town Illinois, a blip on the map that barely required its single stoplight. Her mother was a school teacher, her father the proprietor of what passed for the town's grocery store, and her host of siblings were everything in between.

Lea couldn't get out of there fast enough.

She spent most of her childhood begging for trips to Chicago, spending every dime of birthday and Christmas money on tickets for the shows that traveled through their theatres. She was a small-town star, a brilliant presence on the high school stage, and she developed dreams of grandeur.

Fortunately for Lea, she had some measure of real talent. Between scholarships, her scrimping and saving, and what her family could manage, she headed for Hofstra University on Long Island. The debate about registration had not yet heated up, and so the fact that she could walk through walls was of little consequence - and not something she shared freely.

Lea ate up the city life, throwing herself into the bright brilliance of it with enthusiasm. In her later years at university, registration became a hot issue, and soon after, the Civil War broke out. She kept her head down, preferring to pretend she wasn't a mutant rather than taking a side. She still had dreams of the limelight, and she wasn't about to let some showy superheroes take that away.

She has graduated with a BFA in performing arts and was working as a waitress and attending mostly-futile auditions when the Annihilation Wave hit.

She survived the initial attack by virtue of the very mutation she refused to acknowledge possessing. Terrified, she ran. She lived for several months by scavenging and hiding and disappearing through walls, until a small cell of survivors found her. In the three years since, she's been a part of their group, tucked away in a small nothing of a town in the Adirondacks. Her skill with her mutation - and with a gun, and many other things - has improved immensely since.