Kade Caruthers

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Kade Caruthers
Alias Ember
Gender Male
Age 39
Mutation Heat Generation
Birth 08/20/2007
Height 5'10"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Markings Tattoos: Rampant lion, chest. Outline of the state of California filled in with script reading "Made in LA," left shoulder/upper arm. Spiral of flames in a 'Ring of Fire' pattern, right buttock.
Skin Brown
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Force, Xavier's School
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Kade Caruthers spent more than a decade as an X-Force agent. With that imploded (both figuratively and literally), he's trying to figure out what his life is now. With limited success.

Public Information

Kade's life begins, on paper, at the age of 15, when he was hauled to Westchester, NY, to enroll in Xavier's School for the Gifted. He graduated with a high school diploma and took that back home to California where, after a couple of years, he found himself a place in "government work." That lasted from 2027 until 2040. Afterward, he managed to use some old connections to get a job in "quality assurance" at Ares Dynamics, a military contractor based out of DC. Life behind a desk was steady but soul-deadening, and he wanted to be closer to his daughter (Nina, 15, currently a sophomore at Xavier's).

He was married, briefly, to Sloppy Pony owner Sierra Oliva. They've been divorced for more than ten years but still share a child and occasional barbs over tequila shots.

He's a registered mutant. No criminal record. Some old government clearances show up on background checks, though none of those are active.

He signed up for work at X-Factor Solutions in September of 2045 and relocated to NYC. In addition to odd job mutation gigs, he works a day job on the office staff of the Cherry Lane Theater. He also tends bar a couple nights a week at the Sloppy Pony for tips (and out of a sense of masochism, possibly).


Heat Resistance: This is pretty self-explanatory. Kade is fireproof. He's not resistant to stuff that isn't directly heat-related, like smoke-inhalation, so he can't just hang out in a burning building. But flames don't burn him.

Heat Generation: Kade's hands can generate fields of heat, ranging from small stuff (light a cigarette/boil water with a fingertip tricks), to moderate (he can melt melt-able things with his hands), up to being able to create plumes of super-heated air (like a human flamethrower, range is 30-ish feet at the outside). He's developed a decent measure of control of the size and intensity of this over the years. Since he's generating the energy for these blasts internally, big ones or multiple ones conjured over an extended period of time get really exhausting. He can literally burn himself out if he over-extends, so of course he tries not to do this.

GM Notes

In the +combat system, Kade's heat generation powers are represented by a +weapon (Kade's Flamethrowing).

If he's generating a notably large or intense field of heat, or has been shooting off fire plumes for an extended period of time, a negative modifier should be applied both to the use of his flamethrowing weapon in +combat, and to +rolls of his Heat Generation skill (how big/how long he can go without these penalties will go here once I've worked it out).


As a member of X-Force, Kade received training in hand-to-hand combat (Melee) and marksmanship (Firearms) on par with what you'd expect of an FBI or CIA field agent. His rankings in both were decent though (apart from his ability to set stuff on fire) it doesn't go beyond what a capable non-mutant can do.

Additionally, he had ambitions to be a professional actor in his youth and was pretty good at that facet of undercover work in his spy life (getting into 'character' in various cover identities and lying convincingly, etc.). He speaks Mandarin and Spanish fluently.


Outwardly laid-back. Charming, if maybe not so much as he thinks he is. More responsible than he'd like to admit. A pretty good guy to have in your corner in a fight. He don't burn his friends.

He's a Leo (August 20) and was born in the Year of the Pig (2007). The astrological stereotypes more or less fit.


Kade was born Kareem O'Roarke in Los Angeles, the son of two middling successful entertainment professionals (mom is a dancer-turned-choreographer, dad directs shorts like commercials and music videos). Growing up he wanted to be an actor, and even had a few small roles in commercials and one-line parts in the odd TV episode. He got his big break when he was offered a supporting role in a proper movie when he was 15, but during production his mutant powers manifested and he burnt down one of the sets. Nobody died but it cost the studio a lot of money, both in damages and to hush up rumors of mutant involvement with the project. His dreams of stardom, and normal life, were over.

His parents tried to be supportive, but the ability to manifest fireballs isn't the kind of thing you can just leave alone, so he was shipped east to Westchester, New York and Xavier's School. The transition wasn't easy, but he made friends and threw himself into learning to control his powers. The potential danger was motivating but, beyond that, he kind of liked the idea of being a walking special effect. It was during the latter part of his school years that he legally changed his name to Kade Caruthers (his mother's maiden name, and he just liked the first). Kareem O'Roarke still popped up on the odd IMDB listing, and he wanted as fresh a start as possible.

He graduated without much of a plan. College didn't interest him, particularly with the hurdles mutant applicants faced. He missed his family and went back to California, but his old life was gone. He looked for ways to actually use his powers, spending a couple years as a wildland firefighter right after school. But he had to remain a closeted mutant to keep that job, and the idea of living his entire life like that wasn't appealing. He also still had action hero ambitions, even if he now needed to find an off-screen outlet for them. X-Force was in the news a decent amount at this time, and the prospect of being a globe-trotting government super-agent seemed pretty awesome, so he applied and was accepted into their training program. It was neither was easy or as awesome as he'd kind of built it up to be, but he made it through training and became a proper agent when he was 20.

There was plenty of work to do, too. The year was 2027, and X-Force was engaged was engaged in a series of strikes and covert apprehensions of al-Sahra members. He made a decent showing of himself in a handful of missions and settled into the organization. He'd remain an active agent up until X-Force's disbandment in 2040. Professionally, at least, he was happy.

Personally, he married young to a crazy hot waitress by the name of Sierra Oliva. It was a trainwreck and they were terrible together for a few years before imploding/divorcing, though he did get a daughter he loves out of it (Nina, age 15, a mutant herself and now attending the Xavier School). He's had a handful of other relationships but nothing that's stuck. This made it easier to throw himself into his work, though even his satisfaction in that disappeared after X-Force disbanded in disgrace.


Since then he's been trying to figure wtf his life is now, with limited success. An old (non-mutant, non-disgraced) friend helped get him a job with a defense contractor in Maryland as a "QA tester." Unfortunately, what this means is he's "working" as a test subject for weapons such as flamethrowers/blowtorches/etc. He then fills out reports on the results of having a heat weapon fired at him, so it combines guinea pig and cubicle drone. He hates it and wants to quit. The salary is (moderately) better than he could find elsewhere, though, and he'd like to continue paying his rent and maybe send his kid to college one day. He's been spending his off days in New York, both to spend time with his daughter and hunt for a less terrible job. He hasn't found it yet, but he's trying to stay positive. Even if that's getting harder.


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