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How to Connect

Use our web client or point your favorite M* client to:

Port: 2045


If you're new to MU*s in general, we recommend using a client. Our favorite options are:

At the login screen, type con guest guest to connect as a guest, then +g Help! to yell for help on the guest channel. (Or whatever else you'd like to yell!) We'll help you out from there.

How to Apply

Log on and create a character from the login screen using 'create <name> <password>.' You can then use our in-game application to apply. You should have a response from us within 24 hours of your submission.

Note that it's not unusual for us to request a tweak or two. Our goal is to help you create a character that will fit seamlessly into the XF universe and have lots of hooks for RP. Please feel free to take advantage of the Guests and Creation channels to ask us questions, get feedback, and find help brainstorming!

Guidelines & Help

The following concepts are restricted: Technopathy, probability manipulation, psionic mutations (empathy, telepathy, etc).Help.jpg

Some things to keep in mind as you create a character:

  • The story revolves around X-Factor Solutions. We are a one-faction game without PvP. For the most RP opportunities, we highly suggest that your first character be either a member of X-Factor or someone with strong ties to the group. All characters must be based in New York City.
  • We are set in 2046 in New York City. X1 is the only canon movie, although we draw inspiration from the others where appropriate. Check out our timeline for more details on the history of our world, and browse the canon pages for info on the world itself. Don't see the info you need? Ask!
  • Characters may have up to two mutations. Staff tries to keep an eye on game power balances, so if you take two mutations, they may each be somewhat less powerful than someone else's single mutation.
  • Most feature characters (IE, named characters from the X-Men comics or movies) are allowed as PCs. Check our feature characters list to see whether the one you're interested in is available!
  • It is fairly usual for apps to go back and forth at least once to work out mutation limits and such. Please do not be discouraged if we ask for some adjustments or clarifications!


Check out our Hooks & Hopes page for specific character requests, rostered characters available for adoption, and hooks you can use to tie your character to existing characters.

New to MUSH?

Don't worry! The basics are easy to pick up, and we're happy to help! Our Intro to MUSH guide will take you through the bare basics.

If you've never logged on to a MUSH before, simply connect, type 'co guest guest', and then '+g Help, I don't know MUSH!' and we'll give you a hand.