Irene Atwell

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Irene Atwell
Gender Female
Age 36
Mutation Invulnerability
Birth July 9, 2010
Height 5'7"
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Olive
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation United States Army, Mutant Affairs
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Irene is a former Detective of the Mutant Affairs division of the NYPD. You've probably seen her and her partner around Mutant Town.

Public Information

As Irene Siong:
2028 — Enlisted in United States Army
2029–2030 — Tour in Kazakhstan (Bronze Star, Superior Unit Award)
2031–2033 — Tour in Syria (Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star)
2034 — Transferred to US Army Individual Ready Reserve. Joined the NYPD.
2036 — Honorably Discharged from United States Army.

As Irene Atwell:
2036 (June 7) — Married to Harper Atwell.
2037 (January 4) — Birth of son, Idris Atwell.
2037 — Transferred to Mutant Affairs division.
2040 (April 20) — Widowed when husband dies in the Staten Island incident.
2045 (December 8) — Dismissed from the the NYPD.
2046 (May 19) — Involved in the incident that resulted in the death of Mikhail Lesin.
2046 (June 14) — Reported missing.
2046 (July 09) — Found. Few details available.


Much of her reputation revolves around having been a Mutant Affairs Detective. Opinions on that range from calling her 'one of the good ones' to 'a cold bitch' depending on who you talk to. She presents a stoic, self-possessed demeanor, often using few words or none at all. Despite this, she has been fiercely protective of people and can be counted on to help when there is trouble. Known to be associated with Vega Zhang, her partner in the NYPD.


Irene is nearly impossible to injure physically. Under duress, her body-tissues, skin, muscles, bones, etc. automatically become extremely dense/hard, allowing her to withstand bodily damage whether by crushing weight, piercing force, impact, pressures, combustion or extreme temperatures. Knives cannot pierce her skin, bullets impact but leave no mark...even an explosion would leave no cuts, breaks or even bruising (though it still wouldn't be a pleasant experience). When active, it makes her heavier than normal for what her size and appearance might suggest. Depending on the damage inflicted her weight can range between that of a large man to that of a large animal such as a horse.

While her body is far more resistant to damage and stresses than any ordinary human being, she is not completely invulnerable to all kinds of harm. Drowning or suffocation, for example, can still kill her, even if it would take time. If she concentrates hard she can make herself vulnerable for a short time, but for obvious reasons she rarely does so.

In addition to being incredibly durable, Irene's body functions at or above peak human levels. Her strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, accuracy and longevity are heightened, but not to a superhuman degree. She can lift an adult man without difficulty, but not a car. She can chase after city traffic for miles, but cannot beat a car in a race.

GM Notes

Cannot be physically damaged. Mutation works automatically. In the +combat system, Irene's invulnerability is represented by a +gear/armor (Irene).


  • Firearms — Army and police academy weapons qualifications. Familiar with many kinds of semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, and rifles (semi and full automatic). Some stealth, long-range rifle training. Highly proficient marksman.
  • Melee — Advanced training in Army Combatives Program. Proficient in mixed martial arts and submission techniques.
  • Survivalism — Army training for survival in Middle East and West Asia landscapes. Often wild camps in the Northeastern United States. Skilled in hunting, trapping, shelter construction and plant identification.
  • Investigation — Police training in reading a crime scene, identifying and gathering evidence, identifying criminal motives and basic observational skills.
  • Interrogation — Police training in interview and interrogation techniques, traits of deception, types of denial, analyzing dialogue, listening skills, and assessment of verbal and non-verbal responses.


She has one. Reportedly.


Beginning with a childhood spent in poverty in Queens in NYC, Irene Siong learned from an early age that survival wasn't a guarantee, but something you had to fight for. Her parents were immigrants, leaving a growing militance in southeast Asia behind. Her father was mostly absent through her life, working long hours and leaving her mother in charge of the household. For several years they shared an apartment with a few families, each family to a bedroom. It was cramped and without privacy, so the children fled outdoors at every opportunity, spending more time on the streets than home.

The rest of her time was spent at school, which was often a sanctuary from life. It was a place where she knew what to do, where there were always meals and violence was less common. She was never an exceptional student and received little help from her family with studies. Her two younger brothers got all the attention, leaving her with a feeling years later she would identify as resentment. Many parents in the neighborhood didn't have much time to watch their children and many families didn't have money for kids to not work, even if that work wasn't legal. Even Irene was on the periphery of drug sales and thefts more than occasionally, coming close to being caught a few times.

Irene was almost an adult before she realized that she was a mutant.

A night turned tragic when violence broke out at a party, gunfire ringing out over the sound of the music playing. Along with others, Irene was caught in the crossfire, driven to the ground by the high impact of multiple bullets--except she was miraculously unharmed. She turned the events over in her mind a thousand times wondering if she had just been lucky. Out of the sight of others, she began intentionally trying to harm herself and found she couldn't. In the end she was forced to confront the truth: She had lived when a normal human being would have died. In fact, she hadn't been injured in a long time. With practice she would eventually learn she could control her mutation enough to become vulnerable for a short time. It would take longer still for her to accept that she was one of those mutants from the news--a secret she desperately wanted to keep.

Looking for a way out of her neighborhood, Irene enlisted in the United States Army after high school. After basic training, she dealt with mobility, counter mobility, survivability on the battlefield and long distant targets. A year later she was on her first tour in Kazakhstan (2029-2030), sent to keep the peace between Russia and China, who both had stakes in the country.

Later years saw her responsible for the training, mentorship and well being of soldiers under her command as a junior non-commissioned officer. Her last tour was in Syria (2031-2033) ostensibly to fight terrorism. Most of the tour was full of successful missions, but towards the end the cost of war was high. Enemy missile fire hit the buildings Irene and her squad had set up a temporary base in. Few survived the attack, but Irene walked away unharmed. When the survivors were rescued, she was found surrounded by the dead and the injured, trying to keep what was left of her squad alive. Though she was awarded a silver star for her efforts, it was her last tour.

She left the military a little while after, returning home to New York where she joined the NYPD. She sailed through the police academy thanks to military training. She spent a little time as a patrol cop, but quickly rose through the ranks. That first year was especially tough, marked by the beginnings of the backlash against mutants following the Revelation prison breakout. She watched the progress of renewed anti-mutant legislation and less formal ghettoization with growing anxiousness. It was also during her early time in the NYPD that she met detective-specialist Harper Atwell, whom she would ultimately marry in 2036. Less than a year later, their son Idris was born.

When she returned to full-time duty it was with a transfer to the Mutant Affairs division where she worked with and mentored under a senior detective who had more interest in keeping the mutants in line than helping them out. A couple years later he retired and Irene floated between people and cases where needed until she was introduced to her new partner, Vega Zhang, who she thought looked more like a goddamn anime magical girl than a detective. And maybe that was a little true, but she would still end up being a solid partner (and a friend) despite, or because of, their differences.

In 2040 tragedy would visit the Atwell household as it did many others. Irene watched the incident in Staten Island unfold on the news, home watching a feverish Idris. Her husband never returned home. She wouldn't find out until the end of the day that her husband had gotten caught up in the conflict. She would never see him again. Some things invulnerability cannot protect you from.

Irene took one day at a time. Those days turned to weeks turned to months turned to years. All that needed to be done to take care of her son and at her job kept her moving forward, the routines of life familiar and stabilizing. There was rarely a dull day in Mutant Affairs.


Her days in Mutant Affairs ended abruptly. Russian mafia making moves to take over Mutant Town hit the Mutant Affairs department with an attack, drawing Kaylee Thompson down to the precinct where she was amplified by one of the Russians until she exploded, sending plasma flying all over the station, destroying things and injuring people. Hit by a blast of plasma that would have killed someone else, Irene was revealed to be a mutant as well and both detectives were subsequently dismissed from the NYPD.

As Mutant Affairs prepared for a raid on the Russians, Vega Zhang sought some backup from her former partner and former co-worker. Irene and Kaylee, with some other non-police backup, helped keep the Russians from escaping or doing too much damage during the raid. It marked the end of the Obtshak's activities in Mutant Town. It also marked the beginning of Irene's involvement with X-Factor.

Since joining X-Factor, she has been keeping busy in Mutant Town, though acceptance of the former cop's presence has been hit and miss. Regardless, she has been involved in the community from small acts of helping people move and cleaning up after a storm, to some of the larger events, like protecting Open Hands and dealing with Friends of Humanity violence.

Recently, Irene went missing for a month, kidnapped into the Annihilation AU—the universe that helped cause the destruction of Staten Island and the death of her husband. Unable to immediately return home, she became involved in the war of that universe, training other members of X-Factor and fighting battles on an alternate Earth and in alien space. Ultimately, these efforts would see the end of the war and X-Factor would become cosmic heroes.

Returned home, she is trying to pick of the pieces of her life again after so much time away.


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