Ian Eller

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Ian Eller
Gender Male
Age 25
Birth November 9th, 2020
Height 5'10"
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Markings Infinite freckles
Skin Pale
Affiliation Hospital, ABC Clinic
Playlist Listen

Ian Eller is a charge nurse at a New York Hospital and a known Mutant. He operates an after-hours clinic in Mutant Town.


Ian can alter the pigmentation/color of any physical object by touch. Colors register to him in a heightened sense, each giving offer a unique frequency that he can instinctively tweak. Unfortunately, he cannot do patterns. His range is limited, he can change a maximum of two simultaneously and must be in direct contact with both objects. After changing the color, if he leaves it alone, the object will remain that color permanently. Generally, he feels guilty and turns it back to the color it was originally.

He cannot alter the more than two dozen objects without needing to re-energize significantly: a nap, fluids, and a serious meal are all required else he suffers symptoms very akin to extreme fatigue. Although Ian's powers are largely at will, his control has been known to slip during moments of intense emotional distress. During Ian's manifestation, a moment of exceptional emotional stress (his first girlfriend broke up with him), he changed the color of everything in the family refrigerator. Purple milk. Pink eggs. Once his room was pink for a week.

The larger the object is, the more focus and energy is required to chromatically alter it. Something the size of a plane would take between 15 minutes and a half hour. A car requires a shorter amount of time, and due to his gearhead cousin, he can manage it in about 5 minutes. Something as simple as a dress color could be done in under a minute. If Ian is disrupted, the object will end up a different color than originally intended.


Some men are born to fly, some are born to fuck or fight, some are made for business, and others are born to heal. With a spate of red-headed siblings and cousins who joined the military or got degrees in business, one who became a dentist, Ian chose the latter. Originally from New Haven, CT; he grew up in a mid-sized family and was raised on the shores of the Atlantic. His steady mind and steady hands helped him graduate at the top of his nursing class at Western Connecticut State University. After a summer spent traveling the United States and Canada, partially by bicycle, he moved up to New York City, having accepted a position with Bellevue Hospital Center. To this day, his mother still complains that he should have been a doctor. (What a shame. He had the brains.)

He is currently a charge nurse at the Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan and lives in Mutant Town. While Ian is a registered, card-carrying mutant, his power is considered benign and not considered any kind of threat. It is known to his superiors and largely kept under wraps at work; if the odd child's cast comes in the particular color they requested, no one thinks to question it. It is busy in the Emergency Room, after all. They might have just lost track of that one color...

In his after hours for the past two years, Ian has been running a care clinic in Mutant Town on a shoestring grant from the government It is barely enough to cover rent and supplies there, so he supplements things a little as he is able. He provides care to those who might be considered unsettling in a large hospital setting, both those with more obvious physical mutations as well as those who simply cannot seek treatment. There is a little red light over the door which blinks on when the Nurse is in office. He didn't inquire what the former tenants profession was when he rented it.

Despite the odd office hours he keeps, nearly updated on a sign outside as he is able, it is known among Mutant Town residents that Ian will make house calls if needed. No matter if the person can pay or not. It's his big heart that usually gets him in trouble in his not so secret double life. Leading him to somewhat counseling mutants like Maggie out of addiction, checking that they survive their attempts at cold turkey, or stitching up wounds in the middle of them night with his bunny slippers on toe. The fact is that being a Mutant is a difficult life. Ian just tries to do what he can to help.


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