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Alias Rakshasi (Garuda callsign)
Gender Female
Age 41
Mutation Empathy
Birth November 08, 2004
Height 6'5"
Hair Bald/Black
Eyes White (Irises)
Skin Black
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation South African National Defence Force, Garuda Mercenaries
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Huruma is an empath of ambiguous and morally questionable intent. An independent contractor of various means, she somehow manages to find herself a niche wherever she lands.

Public Information

  • Public history is cloudy up until late teens; later teenage years were spent in a provincial group home for troubled mutant youth.
  • Military files list her with the South African National Defence Force when she aged out; was with them until the Mutant Operations Division folded in 2027.
  • After that, public records get rare to nearly nonexistent; she joined an African mercenary group after the military, and from there anything more fades out rather quickly.


That depends on who you ask.

Known to be intimidating but alluring; some know that she's nicer than she likes to let on-- or maybe that is just because she likes them.

Huruma works with X-Factor Solutions and associates with the members outside of jobs. Other places of employment are purposefully kept unclear, but some are more evident. She previously worked security at The Vault, and intermittently appears at the 18th Street Station fight scene; she has also made some appearances onstage during Oddball Coffee's open mic nights.



(OOC Note: Please try to elaborate on your character's emotions in scenes! I love being fed emotional meta!)

  • Huruma has the ability to sense, read, and manipulate emotions.
    • Sensing constitutes the recognition of a person by perceiving any active emotional states and basic moods; a sensory mood ring.
      • Sensing is a passive factor of her ability, and is always ‘on’, or ‘running in the background’ unless she forces a stop.
      • As mentioned in Other Notes below, another application is that 'she can tell people apart by their emotive/psionic signatures, much like an animal can memorize someone’s scent'.
    • Reading constitutes the observation of, and understanding of the details of different emotional states; pinpointing complexities and digging deeper.
    • Manipulating constitutes the generation of and changing the degrees of emotional states.


  • Range
    • Her range for sensing extends 360 degrees, and goes on a 120 yard(football field) radius with her as the center.
    • Reading and manipulation range is half of sensory range, at a 60 yard radius.
      • The closer she is, the more detailed and precise she can be; suffice to say, line of sight is better than no visibility, and touch is better than line of sight.
  • Targets
    • Single targets are the easiest to both read and manipulate.
    • Reading multiple targets is easier than manipulating multiple targets.
    • It does not take much more effort to manipulate 2-6 people rather than one, but the more minds she attempts to manipulate, the harder it becomes.
      • Huruma could potentially affect a couple of dozen persons at her maximum level of influence, but the changes would be significantly more weaker than if it were just one person.
      • Because of the thinning influence over larger target bases, she tends to stick to low numbers or single targets, as multiple points of influence are better utilized as a manner of ‘crowd control’.
    • Using her ability on numerous people for longer lengths of time takes a toll on her concentration and willpower.


  • Huruma has trained this ability extensively over time, and constant, nearly daily use has made her adept at using it.
  • Huruma has roughly thirty years of experience with her mutant ability as of this writing.
    • Her first training period was self-taught on the street in Johannesburg, where she needed to survive and fend largely for herself for a number of years.
      • After she was picked up by the government and relocated to the group home, she learned some things while she was there as well.
    • Her second training period was when she signed on with the Mutant Operations Division and began working under them and with other mutants.
    • After these two initial periods of learning, Huruma worked with other mutants and with militant mercenary groups where she developed further, fine-tuning her skills over many years.

Other Applications/Notes

  • The emotional branches that Huruma manipulates most are those of Fear, Sadness, and Anger.
  • She can tell people apart by their emotive/psionic signatures, much like an animal can memorize someone’s scent.
  • Capable of sensing, reading, and manipulating the base emotions of animals on a very minor scale. It is largely used as a deterrent or as a coaxing tool.
    • For example, sending a fearful chill towards a hostile dog, or a note of happiness towards a nervous one.
  • Mentally compromised individuals can have a difficult time shaking the effects of her manipulation; this varies by person and their default mental state.
    • Those who have mental illness that affect their emotions are especially affected.
    • Some lingering effects for those already suffering illness include persistent mood swings, nightmares, and in more major cases where the target is already suffering an illness that generates them, hallucinations.
  • Huruma has minor mental resistance to other psionic abilities(telepathy, empathy, mind control, et cetera.)
  • Empathy cannot change independent thought processes; her degree of influence is very large, but she does not have the ability to implant thoughts like a telepath.


Huruma’s earliest training after her time on the street was military special forces, and it shows in her both physically and mentally. Her time there gave her initial experience in survivalist training, bushcraft, tracking, and ranging; as ground troops that concentrated on guerrilla warfare, she received training in those tactics in various settings both urban and rural. Huruma also received initial training in firearms, mixed types of weaponry, mixed melee combat, stealth, and field first aid.

All of these formative areas would go on to help shape her lifestyle and job choices after she departed. As time went on she honed these skills and learned further how to utilize them. As she spent time in the mercenary field and later as a freelancer, she also found the need to familiarize herself with minor repairs and hacking, as she was not able to always rely on others with those skillsets. Huruma did the same with types of interrogation, and relies primarily on physical tactics in conjunction with her ability.

Huruma is a particularly able hunter and stalker, and utilizes this in deadlier ways-- from knowing where to hit and how sharply, to being able to track down a target or being able to lure them in.

Though she loves to learn, Huruma has never officially had more than the equivalent to a High School education. While she may not have gotten the further education of most, she is still well-rounded. Some of the other things she has picked up over the years include breaking into places she doesn’t belong, more classical types of dance, and bits and pieces of parkour movement that she uses along with her other training. In terms of hobbies she does not share many; she enjoys people-watching, especially, and can be very good at it. When it comes to hobbies she keeps for herself, there are a few more and they tend to be violent-- such as participating in underground fights, on the lighter end of things.

Huruma is a polyglot, with English, Swahili, Zulu and Hindi at fluent levels. She's picked up other bits and pieces here and there, but nothing else constituting fluency.


Huruma is an individual with a predatory disposition-- clever, adaptable, calculating, confident-- frequently capricious, wrathful, and macabre in nature. Willful and with a bloody tenacity, an intimidating person in both the physical and emotional sense. She serves as a point of untouchable pride and unsettling observance, and there is an odd playfulness to her when she is comfortable around someone, or when the urge strikes. Though Huruma values her privacy more than a dragon does its hoard, she may be considered politely sociable to outside eyes. She is also very open about her taste for finer things.

She will reciprocate respect to most of those that give it in kind, but at the same time she can be fickle when it comes to her judgment of others. Huruma also tends to have a rather low tolerance for stupidity from those she doesn’t know, though she can deal with absurdity and has skill at keeping a poker face. She also has a grimmer sense of humor. Playing it straight is typical, but not the entirety.

A chilly outward air is contrasted by a beguiling charm under the surface-- which she uses to lure people into a false sense of security; sincere warmth is hard to come by and difficult for her to express; while she can be a chaotic, wilder soul, any fondness she brings to the table is true enough, in its own way. If she decides that she likes someone, that is usually that, and she will prove as much even if it comes at odds with how they perceive her. The same goes for if she doesn’t like someone-- she will let them know it. A bond forged from both ends is especially valuable to her; at its most extreme, to the point of ugly possessiveness.


Born to a family of adequate means in rural, southern Kenya, Huruma spent the first ten years of her life there; Huruma was the oldest of three children and often came to violent blows with her family and other children as she grew up. When her mother was later widowed, she moved the small family to a town just north of Johannesburg. It was around eleven that Huruma began manifesting her mutant ability, which began as a subtle manipulation and grew into a heavier desire to control those around her with her gift. Her mother, frightened for her other children and herself after several abusive incidents, did the only thing she could; at twelve years old Huruma was abandoned on the step of a public orphanage in Johannesburg. Huruma did not remain there long enough to be drawn into the system-- she ran faster than they could follow.

Turning to a life on the street, Huruma felt a new and foreign bitterness for her mutant nature at first; she was convinced that it was the sole reason she had lost everything until it became clear that it was now one major reason she was able to say alive. The same thing that cost her what stability she had was now something that she came to rely upon to survive on her own; when paired with her resourcefulness, it made for a decisive combination. Her willingness to do what needed done kept her able and fed, even when it meant petty-- and sometimes more aggressive-- illicit acts.

This same willingness had her running mostly with local gangs and gaining a reputation accordingly; at thirteen she was regularly involved in thefts and assaults, and by fifteen she was on a fast track to become just another corrupted, killer youth in the greater sprawling outskirts of Johannesburg, far outside of the richer and ostensibly safer city centre. Between the abuses she caused and those she suffered, Huruma had hardened and sharpened. While her ability made her good at what she did, it also made her a beacon when it came to authoritarian crackdowns on gang activity. A raid by South African authorities when she was fifteen led to her capture; though unable to connect Huruma to any active warrants, the government was required to take her into custody. From there she was transferred to a provincial home and school for troubled mutant youths, overseen by a relatively new South Africa Mutant Interests Programme. While Huruma remained ill-tempered through the several years she was in the home, she was able to fine tune her interactions with others. Whereas her former life was formed around brutality and physical intimidation, the last parts of her childhood were spent in developing her mental poise-- her influence over others, especially.

When Huruma turned eighteen, she was old enough to graduate out of custody and go back on her own. They gave her an alternative, due to not only her inherent nature but also her mutant status and ability; Huruma could leave and try again to make it on her own, and likely end up in a similar state to where she was before-- or she could sign on with the South African National Defence Force’s Mutant Operations Division, itself managed by the Joint Operations Division in a pecking order similar to the country’s special forces. The offer was practical, and the further education they could offer her would be invaluable; Huruma joined up with the military and from there they began formally training her to work in tandem with the Defence Forces.

She was relocated to a military base outside of Johannesburg, and spent a greater deal of time in the city proper to hone her abilities and acclimate to a new lifestyle. As a young adult and newly minted as Mutant Ops, Huruma possessed tenacity enough to make the setup work for her, despite a willful personality that sometimes clashed with the profession. Her desire to survive and thrive overpowered her natural desire for independence, at least for a time. Huruma remained with the MOD through advanced training and for several types of deployments, some in cooperation with South African allies.

During the years while she was a ward of the state, and in her years of being with the MOD, it became standard practice for her to force down and hide any darker tendencies. As her time with the Division progressed, Huruma became more and more volatile and morally gray when it came to active duties-- it had started becoming a question of keeping her on board, while at the same time it attracted outside eyes. After roughly five years of special operations with her Division, there was an upheaval; it was 2027, and al-Sahra’s leadership had been dealt a fatal blow by X-Force. Throughout the rest of Africa in the weeks following, the remnants of al-Sahra were rooted out in a systematic sweep assisted by captured intelligence. Some of these remnants were seated in the highest roles within South Africa’s Joint Operations and Mutant divisions; between these moles, implications of corruption, and the lingering tension of the region, the decision was made to completely dissolve the Mutant Operations branch. Those under contract with them were given the choice to join the standardized Military and continue their careers in regular branches-- or to take a meager severance and leave the military behind. Huruma took the severance, and was soon approached by a mercenary company to join the private sector.

Huruma set upon her new life with a strong appetite. It did not take long for her to acclimate to a mercenary lifestyle, and doing so was a boon to her yearning for independence; she was no longer struggling hard against the weight of a yoke-- and it was enthralling to her. After signing with the mercenary company, Huruma spent two years with them doing jobs around the southern African continent before she left to become a freelance agent in 2029; while she was unsigned she did a great deal of travelling both locally and globally, picking up jobs suitable to her skillset, ability, and tastes.

It was not until a particularly stressful freelance job in eastern India around 2036 that she was approached again by a mercenary company; she had been on the other side of a job from one of their operatives and she had proven herself an adversary. This group was notably different from the first she was with, in that it actively and primarily employed those with mutant abilities-- and their activities fit her sensibilities just perfectly. Rather than continue the long, difficult road of self-employment, Huruma signed on and remained with them until the latter half of 2044. Although she had established some relationships there, it was time to go. She took to the wind again, bereft of lingering ties and eager to begin a new independent cycle-- a change long past due.


New York City seems fun, doesn't it?

Huruma joined up with X-Factor Solutions after a short time hanging around in Mutant Town; whether or not this works out, only time will tell.

She was a part of those that moved through the rift for the duration of Annihilation Anew


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