Hurricane Freya

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Hurricane Freya
Begin Date 2015/11/18
End Date 2015/11/21
Location Wilmington, North Carolina
GM Tat, Sumit
Participants Ciel, Sumit, Jeremy, Richard, Orianne, Kade
Important NPCs Zeke Reeves

A late-season hurricane hits North Carolina. A job to rescue a client's grandson and some valuables takes X-Factor south; a lot of people needing help keep them there for a few days.


  • Newscasters are predicting a nasty late-season hurricane in line to hit North Carolina early this week. This late in the year, emergency services are scrambling to prepare, and several towns have been advised to evacuate. (Set by Tat, Nov 15, 2015)
  • Hurricane Freya made landfall late Monday night through Tuesday afternoon, causing mass power outtages and severe flooding in parts of Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Hardest hit was the coastline near Wilmington, North Caroline, which saw a 12 foot storm surge carry away several small shops. Many residents had been evacuated, but the storm's path shifted at the last minute, leaving many unexpected stranded in their homes. The National Guard and Coast Guard have been working since Tuesday evening to provide rescue. (Set by Tat, Nov 17, 2015)


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