Gunther Volfram

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Gunther Volfram
Alias Dr. Volfram, Synesthesia
Gender Male
Age 34
Mutation Sensory Manipulation
Birth 6/11/2011
Height 5'10"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Black
Affiliation Volfram Foundation
Previous Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
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Gunther Volfram is a leading authority on biomechanical engineering and scion of the wealthy and prominent Volfram family. He may be investing and providing contracted services to those nice X-Factor kids....

Public Information


Beijing University of Technology Ph.D., Biomechanical Engineering, Masters of Science, Computer Science

Harbin Institute of Technology Masters of Science, Material Science

Patents held: 42, highest concentrations in additive engineering processes, firmware for Eyes and Ears, improved range of motion/tensile strength for artificial joints.

Utilized as asset in Volfram Foundation relief operations in Sudan, Congo, and Palestine.


Gunther is published in several academic journals and has given a handful of interviews, mostly in German or Chinese. His mutant status has been rarely acknowledged, and he tends to attract less attention than his sisters (especially media darling Thema).


Gunther's mutation revolves around enhancement, protection, and twisting of the senses. His senses are protected from sensory deprivation and overload, as well as weapons such as tear gas, flashbangs, and against extremes of sound, smell, and taste. He can also extend this protection to a party of four people or less within fifty meters. Similarly his vision and hearing are highly acute, able to see at ten times the normal human distance and clarity (quality does not diminish over distance), and can see color into the ultraviolet spectrum. His hearing range extends from 50 Hz to 80 kHZ (Marginally better than a cats.) He can share these experiences with up to four others, it requires these parties to be able to /physically/ perceive the space in question, viewing through a computer screen or hearing over audio is not enough. Finally, Gunther has the ability to overwhelm and blur the senses of those around him in a hundred meter radius in an 'explosive' pattern (similar to a flashbang) or with subjects he makes eye contact with for as long as he can hold their gaze. The effect can be diminished (but not defeated entirely) through wearing proper protection (goggles, ear plugs, etc.) Note that the 'explosion' does not distinguish between friend or foe.


Surgery/First Aid: Although technically not a medical doctor, his extensive study of biomechanics and involvement in the development of artificial organs and limbs has given him a great deal of medical knowledge and he has participated in the application of several of his treatments.

Fabrication/Repair: His primary specialty is wearable technology, prosthetics, and other equipment designed to interface with the human body, he's a fair bit of a Mcguyver.

Programming/Hacking: Proficient in multiple programming language, but a better system architect than an engineer.

Firearms: Due to risk of kidnapping or terrorism, Volfram family members are given weapons training, albeit not on the level of a professional soldier.

Speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and German.


Refined and polished in his presentation, but with hints of a subversive sense of humor. Governed by noblesse oblige and probably possessed of at least a mild superiority complex. Curiosity occasionally progresses ahead of ethics or good sense, but never overrides duty to family or a cause.


In Sub-Saharan Africa, the name Volfram is spoken in the same manner as an old noble merchant house. Made fabulously wealthy through the diamond trade and supply contracts with the African Union (Of which they are one of the largest private supporters), the main line of the Volfram produced four offspring (Bismarck, Gunther, Zola, and Thema) of which Gunther Tiberius Volfram was the second. Identified as intellectually gifted from a young age, he was encouraged to pursue every passion and hobby vigorously, because it was expected that when he grew up he would be an asset to the family and more importantly to the people, the collective 'less fortunate'. His brother would go into the military, largely committed to peacekeeping operations (he now currently holds the rank of Captain), while his younger sisters took over the family business, with Zola handling business and logistical concerns and Thema playing the part of the PR maven and debutante. For his part, Gunther became fascinated by the fields of engineering, medicine, and computer science, acquiring degrees in Biomechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Materials Science and Engineering while studying abroad in China. Although he holds patents that are primarily focused in the field of additive manufacturing, firmware and after-market addons for Ears and Eyes, and prosthetics design, he has thus far avoided more than tertiary involvement in his families affairs except for pro bono consultation with the Volfram Foundation, which provides disaster and conflict relief. Eschewing a single employer, he has worked primarily as a freelancer and independent, where any distaste for his mutation would need to be balanced against the desire for his skillset or technology.

The reason for him and his brother's perceived lack of involvement or interest in family affairs lies in the Volfram family protocol regarding its rather noticeable number of mutants. Currently, the Volfram tendency towards mutation is one of the worst kept secrets in South Africa, mostly ignored and tolerated by virtue of their wealth and civil commitment. From a young age Volfram children are tested for mutation and provided the necessary training to make sure they are not a threat to themselves or others. There is no stigma attached to mutation, but mutants are not allowed to join any Volfram company, and must choose their own path, though the family is often generous in sponsoring the whims of their afield children. Gunther felt no different than his siblings, though that was no doubt a product of Volfram philosophy: normal or mutant, a Volfram was supposed to be /better/ than his peers. If anything, being genetically gifted meant greater expectation. It certainly didn't stop Zola from winning their childhood roughhousing, and Thema was able to break hearts and bat her lashes well enough without an X-Gene.

If left to his own devices he might have only dealt with Americans, and New York in particular, only by proxy. His limited experience with American firms had left a bad taste in his mouth, and he preferred the Eastern Hemisphere where the Volfram name opened doors and meant a minimum of harassment. However, a request from Zola, now the heir apparent with the increasing attention of their father to charity would cause a drastic shift in his plans. One of their uncles, Heinrich Volfram, resided in the US and was increasingly showing signs of being a Revelation sympathizer. If this were discovered even as a matter of suspicion it could do incredible damage to the family's fortune, reputation, and safety. Since Gunther had the most mobility, he was asked to look into the matter. If he could find a catspaw to resolve the situation, so much the better.