Getting Started

From X-Factor

So you've had your character approved, and now you're ready to dive into the game. Great! As you get settled in, here are a few things you might want to do:


You're welcome to use whatever name you like. This name will show up as the author of all your plot comments and journal posts, but is considered OOC.
  • Fill our your user page.
Page names should be User:Username.

  • Make a page for your character
Page names should be your character's first and last name.

  • Get an IC Feed for character journals, messages, and other IC communication.
Feed names should be Feed:Name.

On-Game Setup

  • Learn some MUSH code.
Check out our Intro to MUSH page for a rundown of basic (and more advanced) commands.
  • Join some channels.
You've been added to 'Public' (+pub), which is used for general chat, 'RolePlay' (+rol), which is used to find and plan RP, and 'GroupFun' (+gro), which is used for chatter during large scenes. You're also on 'Newbies' (+new), where you can ask for help. See 'help channels' for info on how to use them.
Check out the list of Public Channels to find more to join and to see how to add private channels for you and other players. You'll find that much of the game's discussion happens on topic-specific channels, so we highly encourage you to add those relevant to your interests! In particular, if you apped with Xavier's, X-Men, X-Force, or India Mercenaries in your history, we recommend that you add those channels.
  • Find a place to live.
On game, read 'help residence' for more info. If your character owns a business or other location, talk to staff to have it built.
  • Read some bulletion boards and mail.
Use '+bbnew' to cycle through new board messages and '+mail <#>' to read a private mail message. Check out '+help +mail' for more info.


Dive into RP! Don't be shy!

  • To find RP, just speak up on the RolePlay channel (+rol Anyone want a scene?) and get involved!
  • Take a look at some recent logs and the journal feed to get caught up on recent events.

A few notes about RP on XF:

  • We arrange all RP via OOC agreement. Most often people use the RolePlay channel, but they may also page or otherwise arrange a scene. This means that it is considered rude to join an ongoing scene without an invitation.
  • The RolePlay channel is there for finding RolePlay, and we discourage any chatter that is not looking for or setting up a scene; if you reply on RolePlay, people will assume it's because you want to RP. This is in an effort to keep the channel low-chatter so people who may need to despam can leave it on.
  • Sometimes you'll see an '+party' go up (or display when you log in). Party scenes are usually large scenes which are public and open to everyone without an invite.
  • We don't consider our grid (map) 'IC'. That is, just because your character object is in a room does not ICly mean your character is there unless you decide they are.
  • We RP in present tense, third-person.
  • You might want to check out our RP Policies for info about consent and other issues.

Getting Help

  • Use the Newbies or Public channel to ask questions.
+new I have a question! or +pub I have a question!
  • Check for helpfiles.
All commands on the game have an in-game helpfile. To access them, type +help <command>'. To see an index of all helpfiles, +help.
  • Send staff a request or question.
+request <title>=<description>
  • Page a staff member.
+staff to see a list. p <name>=Help! to page.