Friends of Humanity

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Friends of Humanity
Head Grace Creed
Size Unknown

The Friends of Humanity is an anti-mutant group which claims to be focused on preserving the safety, livelihood, and freedom of 'normal' human beings.

Purpose & Goals

The Friends of Humanity (FoH) is a nationwide organization that opposes mutant civil rights by openly advocating acts of terrorism against mutants and mutant sympathizers. In the past, the FoH has rallied support for its cause by citing acts of violence perpetrated by mutants such as Magneto as well as the events of Staten Island. Since its founding in the late 20th century by former presidential hopeful Graydon Creed, the Friends of Humanity has obtained public sympathy and considerable political clout.


  • Kraken
    • Grand Exchequer
      • Grand Dragon
        • Imperial Scribe
          • Amber Dragon (Regional Leadership)
            • Golden Scribe
              • Dragon (Local Cell Leadership)
                • Scribe
                  • Knight
                    • Citizen (Member)


  • Established in 1993, after Dr. Moira McTaggart publishes her work on the X-Factor by Graydon Creed.
  • In 2001, Grace Creed replaces her grandfather as head of the organization following his assassination.
  • March 23, 2046 - Friends of Humanity is discovered to have ties to attacks on Open Hands.
  • May 15, 2046 - Friends of Humanity members vandalize the 'Welcome to Mutant Town' mural as well as Avenue B Apartments, Oddball Coffee, and several other local businesses with the image of the Kraken. They are confronted, resulting in the near-fatal injury of a human minor.
  • May 15, 2046 - Alt-Right Friends of Humanity sympathizers protest at the Mutant Town border in response to what the media portrays as mutant violence.
  • May 19, 2046 - Friends of Humanity members are involved in retaliatory violence towards Mikhail Lesin, contributing to his death.
  • September 16, 2046 - Friends of Humanity burn the image of the Kraken into Tompkins Square Park.