Finn McLowry

From X-Factor

Finn McLowry
Gender Male
Age 21
Mutation Empathic Imbuement
Height 6'0"
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Skin Pale

Finn is an aspiring culinary artist who attends the NYC Culinary Institute and hopes to one day own his own restaurant. Currently, he's a struggling student who makes ends meet by bartending at The Sloppy Pony.


Finn has the ability to leave emotional imprints on inanimate objects. This includes things that used to be alive, such as food, or things that are technically alive but in the process of dying, such as cut flowers. He imbues emotion onto an object by touch (it must be in contact with his skin), and the longer he touches something, the more specific the emotion he can leave behind. The duration of time Finn is in contact with an object also affects the intensity of the emotion, with longer times creating higher intensity.

The emotion imprinted in an object is passed on to another person through touch. When another person touches the object, they experience the emotion left within for as long as they’re touching it. If the item is food or drink, they experience the emotion for as long as the object is being chewed and swallowed. Once an object is imprinted, the imprint can last as long as the object does. Finn is capable of removing or changing an imprint, and destruction of an object will destroy an imprint. So, for example, if a jewelry box is imbued with an emotion, the ashes of said jewelry box after it’s been burned, will not be.

Finn keeps up a sort of mental block at almost all times, because otherwise, his ability would always be on. Without active control, Finn would leave imprints behind on anything he touched, and the emotion imbued would be whatever he happened to be feeling when he touched the object. With his “wall” in place, he can touch things without leaving any imprints behind and/or he can imprint an emotion of his choosing, rather than whatever ambient one he happens to be feeling at the moment.


Finn is on his way to becoming an outstanding chef, and he's also a pretty talented bartender. He can make an assortment of fancy drinks (though The Sloppy Pony isn't much of a fancy place), and he knows a variety of stupid bar tricks that keep the customers entertained. Having grown up a country boy, he's also handy around a tractor or a garden.


Finn's a laid back and easy going sort of fellow who wears his heart on his sleeve, more often than not. Quick to laugh, sometimes quick to cry, he's not a boy ashamed to have feels. He's also a bit whimsical and impulsive, in that however excited and enthused he becomes about a project, it's never a guarantee that he won't get distracted away from it by something else a minute later.


Finn’s family probably hailed from Ireland at some point, but he was born in rural, upstate New York, on a quiet farm owned and run by his parents. He has several siblings, and both his parents and all of his siblings are mutants. The state of New York allowed for anonymity as long as they were careful, and living in an area with neighbors spread so far apart allowed a certain amount of safety and secrecy. Though a couple of his siblings had to be home schooled, even after Finn’s abilities activated at age 12, they were mild enough that he was able to remain in public school with few complications. At home on the farm, he worked to explore the extent of his mutation. When in the public eye, he just worked to suppress it.

His senior year in high school, Finn decided he wanted to cook and to open his own restaurant, one day. He applied and was accepted to the Culinary Art Institute in New York City. Not too far from home, but for a country boy, the city was a whole other world. He’s been in NYC for nearly three years, now, and loves it. He’s still a bit of a wide-eyed country boy in attitude, though he’s certainly embraced the wild and reckless lifestyle of city youth without looking back. Wanting access to his own kind, he found a job bartending at Sierra Oliva’s bar in Mutant Town (employment he has to keep secret from his campus friends), where he has a reputation for making some of the best drinks in the bar.