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Why you so into Lexie, Mikhail?

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Why you so into Lexie, Mikhail?

There are several factors at play here. The first is that she was one of the first people he saw after his escape, and she's a hot girl. That's kind of a great first impression.

She's also one of the very few people to directly offer him sympathy, or even talk about it at all. In their first meeting, she looked right at him and told him she was sorry that happened to him. I'm not sure anyone else has done that for him, and it struck a deep and lasting cord.

She also did a lot of just general-- like, if you reread that scene (This one!), you'll see all sorts of lifelines that she throws him. She tells him the things he made the mafia lucky for weren't his fault. She asks about his family. She asks him what he wants for himself.

All of these things stuck with him in a very real way. Most of the other people he's met have barely acknowledged his years as a prisoner, if they do at all. And most the time he'd rather that, because it's awkward and horrible, but there's something to be said for the one or two people who know something of that aspect of him. Lexie saw him early on, and she talked to him about it, and it created this sort of false intimacy and yearning in Mikhail.

And she's really hot, you know? And clearly into Russians, so.

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