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Going from working in an organized organization to the loose life of a contract hire to the light touch of X-Factor is a huge transition. How does Ciel feel about X-Factor so far? Are there things she'd like to change or develop given the chance?

Ug. UG. That's what Ciel has to say about the matter. Even merc work was pretty organized, because she worked for a giant organization, and was always employed. She didn't have to find her jobs, they found her. She went where she was told, did what she was told. In all truth, if Ciel didn't have an issue with who she was shooting and why and the general ideals of the people she was working for, the life probably would have suited her pretty well.

Ciel is smart and flexible and dedicated and competent, but she really wants (needs?) someone to point her in the right direction and tell her to go.

So neither PIing nor XFS are a super great fit for her. Being a PI uses her skills and feels worthwhile at least some of the time, which helps scratch an itch. Working for XFS lets her flex her mutant muscles and see some occasional action, which scratches another.

But what she's craving is -- well. Basically to be a superhero. To do something that matters in a group of people who care about doing something that matters. To trust the people making decisions. To have someone who tells her what to do. These are all things she'd love to see XFS be - but that it almost certainly never will be. I don't know if there will ever be a place for Ciel to have that again, in the way that she wants that.

All that said, she does like X-Factor. She admires what Jeremy's trying to do, and she hates hiding as a mutant and approves of anything that allows other people to avoid a closet, and she thinks that mutants are damned useful and that ignoring their skills is stupid.

She just wants it to be something it's not, in her heart of hearts.

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