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Kade and Ciel have known each other for a long time, but mostly in a work friends/fellow agents capacity. Is there anything that's surprised her about him, since they started hooking up (or just since they got reacquainted when he came to NYC, for that matter)?

Much of Kade is unsurprising, which sits well with Ciel. Although she craves drama and excitement and adrenaline in much of her life, she's had the relationships that contain these sorts of things, and it turns out they kinda suck. At her heart, Ciel wants (maybe needs) a firm sense of footing, a grounding to keep her sane while she chases after those other things in other aspects of her life. She's had several major upheavals in her life, and they tend to leave her reeling. X-Force was grounding for her, in that it provided safety and security and routine even while also handing her adrenaline and action. Contrast that with India, which was all adrenaline and action, and no grounding.

All of that is to say, Ciel finds Kade very grounding, and part of that is because she knows what to expect. And she likes what to expect. His competence, his dorky sense of humor, his idealism, his mellowness, his balance of action and thought. He's trustworthy and reliable, and he gives her a sense of steadiness that she hasn't had since X-Force disappeared. Between Kade and Lexie, she's gotten a lot of her footing back.

I'm really bad at answering your questions instead of angling off into tangents. SORRY.

The thing that DOES surprise Ciel about Kade pretty consistently is his thoughtful, romantic streak. It's not something she's had a ton of in her life (or ever thought she wanted), but it's also not something she'd peg him with. Especially because she was the one who was gung-ho for this thing, while he was-- you know. Walking out on her the morning after. The idea that he's now sort of all-in takes her consistently by surprise, to the degree that sometimes she's not entirely sure what to do with it. It's not that she doesn't think him capable of thoughtfulness or planning - she does, and these are both things she's attracted to. It's more this idea that they're in the sort of relationship where he buys her a rose and cheesecake for Valentine's day and gets all nervous about giving her a key. It's more committed than she expected given their start, and she's sort of used to being the one who wants things when it comes to Kade, without getting them. So getting them before she even thought to want them is this sort of a constantly pleasant shock. And it's so freaking normal, in a way she has never really been before. Some days she's not quite sure what to do with any of it.

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