2046-12-19 Email to Valerie

From X-Factor

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Hoping you check your email more often than your voicemail, sweetheart.

Anyway. I've helped Will and Misty with their memories and it's still--pretty shitty all around. The good news is that Echo's unlikely to be coming after me personally. If you want to know, call or comm me; I'll summarize.

Anyway. I wanted to thank you. For the other night. I still think I'm right--I need to be at Open Hands, with the kids, and I need to do this, for all sorts of reasons.

But you're right, too. This whole thing really got to me and I got way too much up in my head. You're good at getting me out of my head. I needed that, and I'm better for it.

I'm thinking of you.

Anyway. Wait, did I just say that third time in this email? With spectacularly bad timing, we're having a Christmas party on Thursday. X-Factor, I mean. Probably be a lot of drinking. I was wondering if you wanted to come? With me? If you want to, that'd be nice, and if you don't, that's okay. I meant to ask you when I saw you, but you're incredibly distracting. Getting me out of my head.

Anyway. Again.

Take care,


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