2046-12-07 Voicemail for Valerie

From X-Factor

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Er. I just wanted to say I was sorry. Think I was being an idiot last night. I just wanted to ask you to come over for pizza and--I don't know. Idiot.

Look, I-- *long pause. very long pause*

Okay. Sometimes I have really dark days. Not many lately, but I have--stuff. Sometimes it hits me, and I'm no fun. Yesterday I was really shaken, more than I realized at the time. Stupid, I know. And it's not fair for me to dump that shit on you.

And I really wanted to see you last night but--I'm usually not very good company on these days.

Anyway. Didn't mean that to get so heavy. The pizza was amazing and there's lots left over. It'd make a great midnight snack. I'm much better today. More out of my head. Drop by and see me sometime? Maybe tomorrow? Tonight I have to make up a lot of work like a responsible boy who cares a lot about his job.

I think I have some making up to you, too.

And... *another pause*

I won't take stupid risks. Promise.

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