2046-09-25 Conflicted

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I really don't know how I should feel about him.

I mean, when I first met him, he seemed like this little kid; I know I was only probably about five years older, but he seemed a lot younger than me sometimes. I remember him following me around the market in Knowhere; he made me laugh, and smile, but... he was a kid.

And then we lost him. Off into some other world, left there by that jackass who says he's Adelle's dad.

Now that kid is long gone, even though it was only a month or two ago for us. I just can't see him that way, even if I wanted to. He's a different person. He's older than me now, and a lot of his laughter is gone. He moves through the world like he's afraid he might break it—or like the world might break him. He doesn't need protectors, but he needs friends. People to be there for him.

Plus, he's also gotten disturbingly hot somewhere along the way. Like seriously, it's a little unfair.

But there's still part of me that thinks I should remember the little kid on Knowhere, the one who wanted to play the guitar and get a laser-sword, who proclaimed he was Richard's sidekick and just threw himself wholeheartedly into everything. Like that's what I should do, even if it's what I'm not.

Time-travel and dimension-hopping are confusing sometimes.

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