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2046-05-19 To Alexandra


(A letter written with very careful, block-printed letters arrives at Lexie and Ciel's apartment. It's on actual paper, in an actual envelope, with a little stamp on it and everything.)

My dearest Alexandra,

I feel that I must establish now how badly I feel about our disagreement, with the understanding that I have no expectations from you beyond a hope that you will read this letter. I am sorry. I did not show you the comfort and kindness that you needed in the moment, and for that, I am truly sorry.

By the time I realized how badly I was misunderstanding you, we had already lost our way and were both upset. Only after I have had time now to think about what you said do I understand what you meant; it is alarming to me, how I thought my English was so excellent and yet the meaning of your words went so awry. This gap between my belief in my skill and reality -- well. I have signed up for advanced conversational English at the Study Annex. Hopefully, it will help be understand more easily. I should have asked you what you meant more clearly, but I am a big stupid proud idiot sometimes.

I do not think they have a class for this but I will look.

Sometimes, I think that I try very hard to do what I think will please you. I wonder if there's a reason for this -- you know my history, I will not repeat it again. I am thinking I will see if there is a possibility for me to speak to someone about this sort of thing. I have gone for many years alone, finding my way, but my life (and my history) affects you now too. I owe it to myself and to you both to do the best I can to stop the hurts of before from damaging us now.

You were hurting and you needed me and I failed you.

Being shot was less painful than realizing this.

I will try my very hardest, never to have this happen again.

Yours unending,


2046-02-12 To: Jeremy

To: Mr. Jeremy Wallace
From: Maxim Ulyanov

Dear sir,

I am contacting you in order to express my interest in joining your organization for the purpose of temporary employment, as needed. I have heard good things about X-Factor Solutions from many of your employees, and as a recent injury -- from which I am completely recovered -- caused me to lose two of my other jobs, I am interested in supplementing my income accordingly.

Currently, I am primarily employed as a driver for the First Tier Car Service. My schedule is flexible, however, so I believe that I could be of some use to your group. I am strong and resist injury, and have some skill with fighting; additionally, I am a very good driver and have skill at repairing broken vehicles and machinery. I have other skills which may be useful if you wish a more comprehensive list.

Please see my enclosed resume and references, and of course, I am at your disposal should you wish to meet in person to discuss anything disclosed herein.


Maxim Ulyanov

PS: I have successfully served a two year prison sentence in my homeland before I arrived here, but I am without any other mark on my criminal record since arriving in the United States and also I am working hard to remain 'on the straight and narrow'. I hope you will be willing to give me a chance, but I understand if you prefer not to take this risk. Thank you.