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2046-09-24 TO: Vega



I know that in succumbing to my own dark weaknesses, I have forever stained myself beyond redemption.

After several attempts to contact Jacque with little success, I can only assume that she has no intention of ever speaking to me again, as is her prerogative. As is yours.

Even now, I cannot fathom a reality where you might stoop so low as to indulge me with a response. I dare not insult you with attempts to invoke your forgiveness or understanding. I know that I am beyond it. My only hope is that you find it in your infinitely noble and just heart to take pity on this haunted man.

With my limited resources, I have been unable to make contact Mikhail’s family in Russia. My debts to them are beyond my capacity to repay, but I feel that I owe them an opportunity to seek closure should they require it ...and I owe it to myself to try, so I might wash the bitter taste of this boy's soul from my mouth.

The logs of my sessions with Mikhail are all digitized at Open Hands and with them, all that I know of his journey. I see no reason why they would remain in police evidence or be otherwise out of reach to someone of your talents. If there is any way you could use your investigative skills to seek them out on my behalf, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you.


2046-05-10 To: Kade & Irene

To: Kade Caruthers
CC: Irene Atwell
From: Luka Zdravkovic
Subject: Mikhail

We need to talk about Mikhail.