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Heads up, you all.

Some feds showed up at Open Hands tonight, and they left some of their people here on guard duty. I don't think it's related to our recent portal-based adventures, but it might be just as bad. Most of you all probably remember Echo. Those who don't, she's an insane psionic who uses water to control people's minds. She was taken into custody after the last time we tangled with her, but apparently she's broken out. Or was broken out. I'm not exactly clear at the moment/.

Ainsworth did some memory-reading tricks. He said the feds think Echo was taken by the same folks who nabbed Will Hunt and that barista, Misty, from Oddball a few days back. No idea who that might be, or why they were taken.

No more details, but I'll keep my eyes open and update if we learn anything more.

- Kade Caruthers

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