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Hi guys,

Welcome back to electrical power. I've got some tasks that need doing so here's hoping we've got the force for the task ... force. Right? All right, not all the jokes can be good. Anyways:

1) The law firm we've been working with would like to use our services to assist with a replevin, which apparently means 'a getting of stuff'. Tammy Xiohui has a court order that says she gets this shiny red 1958 Aston Martin in the divorce and her lawyers think there's a chance her ex-wife is going to fire weapons or hire thugs to keep it. If you see a picture of the car, you may see why there's this worry. Serve the papers, get the car. You're going to have to go to White Plains to get it. If anything happens to the car, I'm pretty sure we're going to get shot. By someone.

2) There are a couple of local businesses here in Mutant Town that have gone together to hire us to clean up some damage that occurred during the snowstorm: Viorani's, the shoe and leather repair shop, and the upstairs electronics store apparently suffered some serious damage and possibly some break-ins and looting. Help get 'em cleaned up and figure out what's missing. We'll see about a separate agreement to recover lost electronics when you're done.

3) When Gino's Specialty Meat Market lost power, their backup generators failed to kick in and they're going to have to dump all of their inventory. Gino thinks it was cold enough that most of the meat was still good but he doesn't want to risk the health inspectors being angry at him. Our job: help Gino sort through all of the meat, figure out what's still safe, and give everything that's still safe to the food bank. We're being paid for this but Gino may also be persuadable on the subject of free sausages, which, hey! Why not?

4) There's a couple of journalists poking around my office today looking for quotes for a puff piece about mutants putting their neighborhood back together. I checked 'em out and they're probably not trying to make us look bad. We won't get paid for this one but it could be good advertising. I chatted with them for awhile. Simon Kavanaugh and Iria Duquaine -- their contact info is available in the lobby if anyone wants to check it out.

5) Harry Dovicki is an ice manipulator who's used the opportunities given him by his unusual cold resistance to skip town. Fyodorov wants him to the tune of $10,000. We'll get $550 if we pick him up.

6) Xavier's School has had a runaway. Cami Vogel-Yi. Ms. Pryde reports the last time they saw her she was in her bunk where she was supposed to be, but she's a technopath and skilled at disappearing when she wants to. Ms. Pryde also says that she may have done a runner because she has a personal medical issue that she doesn't want to discuss with any adults. Outside of maybe Planned Parenthood. I could say something snarky about how the school needs my help now but I'd rather just find this kid and take care of her.

7) I've gotten several requests for bodyguards in the last week. I don't have a lot of information about all of them and I'm a little disinclined to take things that look shady. I'm not sure where this stuff comes from. If any of my PI licensed personnel want to run checks on the attached list of names, I'll accept gigs for any of them that look legit.

8) I do have a request for private security at a party function at an art gallery in Chelsea that looks fine and also lucrative. Apparently there's some kind of statue unveiling and there's been some controversy about the erotic content so they're worried about protestors or general disruption.



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