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Hey guys,

First of all, I'd like to report that the amazing chocolate and fruit arrangement sitting in the lounge was sent to me by a satisfied client. I'm pretty sure it's not poisoned or drugged but if anybody knows how to check that without eating it, please feel free.

Seriously, they sent us a fruit arrangement. Happy days.

Here's a list of available jobs this week:

1) There's an import store owned by this couple of Filipino dudes I met at the bodega. They apparently tried standing up to those Russian guys you all scared off our building this past week and ended up with an entire shipment of goods misdirected into a serious catastrophe. If the same thing happens to their next boatload coming in at the docks this week, they're going to have to file for bankruptcy. Guard the goods, make sure they get their stuff, make sure it's all unloaded safely, and totally buy some cool stuff off those guys while you're at it! I got an awesome hat.

2) Leah Tuvoa, at the Tompkins Square branch of the New York Public Library, has asked us to look into the possibility of a skeleton person living inside the library basement and possibly eating old books and documents. Yeah, I know we're a few weeks too late for skeletons. I'm not sure what's going on, but I bet we can figure it out!

3) Fyodorov has another bounty for us. $5,000 on a $150,000 bond for Wilson Trevor. (Yeah, Wilson Trevor, not Trevor Wilson. I checked like three times.) The crime is possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. The complication is that he's a registered mutant with gills and amphibious webbing. He's got two charges of eluding and one for assault on an officer because he managed to very nearly drown one of the local MA boys the last time law enforcement got close.

4) Tabitha Semany doesn't think the police are going to be able to find her stolen aircar (sporty bright red 2042 Chevrolet Windsinger, vanity plate BBYCAKES). It was street parked in front of her parents' house in Long Island overnight and was gone in the morning.

5) The law firm has asked if we're prepared to play courier again because there may be a few times they need us this week. So, that's cool!

6) Ezekiel Reeves would like us to retrieve his grandson, as well as a small chest full of items of extreme personal value, from his daughter's home in North Carolina. The house is reported to be in the direct path of the storm down there. It may take some doing getting down there, but Mr. Reeves is prepared to pay whatever it takes for this retrieval.

One last thing.

I know a lot of you are sort of isolated and far from your families. And hey, I know a lot of you aren't even American and might not care so much about this particular holiday, but. If you don't have anywhere else to be on the holiday, I'm inviting you to my place for Thanksgiving. My roommates will be out of town. Just give me a heads up before next weekend if you plan on coming so I know how much food to buy.



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