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Hi folks,

We're really starting to expand our ranks in a really diverse way and it's great. Keep an eye out for mutants with useful talents. If you see anyone who seems really awesome, don't be afraid to give them our pitch. I've got paper and digital copies of the basic contract proposal. I'll vet anyone you send me before I hire them on for real, but why not? We're starting to get more and more work. Given a few more weeks like these last couple, I'm really optimistic about where we're headed.

New jobs available this week:

1) Bounties for Fyodorov. One New York City bail jump. Bounty is $20,000 and I don't think I can emphasize enough how much we can use that. The bond skipped was $350,000. Two counts assault 2 (deadly weapon), two counts arson. The lady's name is Desada. She's got three known aliases and apparently an acquittal for a murder attempt a few years ago so she's pretty bad news. 'Consider armed and dangerous'. She had a NYC local apartment which means we'll be able to get something with her actual 'scent' on it. I've got a few of you who who can be trackers and I bet we can get this done, guys. Stay safe, though.

2) Bounty for Fyodorov. $1000 bounty on a $15,000 bail jump for theft of a motor vehicle. License plate has been stripped, but the car is a 1975 Chevrolet Nova with flames painted on it. I'm going to assume they've spray painted over the flames.

3) There is a 'monster' that has been lurking around the Greyhound Brooklyn Transit Line. The rumor is it's eaten people but nobody has given an identified victim. My guess is we've got a scared kid who doesn't know what's going on. Check it out. The manager will pay us to make this problem go away.

4) Selene Duvanal is apparenty a pop music artist that I've never heard of, but she's got money and she wants to hire bodyguards for a tour. This will take you out of the city and to a couple of concert venues in shitty little towns I mean awesome kitschy places upstate. You'll be gone for 8 days so don't take this one if you can't find somebody to look after your fish.

5) I'll pay someone a minimal fee to look after the pets of whoever goes on #4 if necessary?

6 & 7) I've got two more families who want to hire us for mutant moving action.

8) and one business that wants to unload an entire warehouse full of stuff onto a transport truck.

Keep an eye out and remember that commission bonus if you bring us business, folks!



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