XFS Postings - 9-25-46

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Hey everyone. I heard you were looking for jobs.

1) Avenue B Apartments is hiring representatives willing to be present as keepers of the peace during a series of forced evictions scheduled to take place. Their fear is that the mandated police presence during such evictions will only worsen an already impossible situation. As active members of the mutant community, they believe that X-Factor may be in a unique position to help prevent these from escalating to violence or arrests.

2) The New York branch of Mystery! Gaming Co. is interested in compensating any mutant models willing to demonstrate their abilities for the character design team. We have been assured that they take the privacy and dignity of mutants very seriously. Who knows? You might end up signing autographs at a con someday!

3) Mutant Town Tours suffered some vandalism this week. As you probably know, they are a walking and bus tour company that caters to out-of-towners interested in ‘an authentic mutant experience.’ Recently the words ‘Race Traitors’ were spray painted across their storefront along with a few other colorful phrases of anti-human sentiment. Their only functioning tour bus was also subjected to the same treatment. In response, Mutant Town Tours is looking to hire artists willing to cover the offensive tags with new positive imagery and messages of unity.

4) Stagram & Wolf has papers that need serving.

5) The Ashers are a couple from North Carolina that were held up recently while in Mutant Town seeing the sights with their daughter. They are willing to pay any investigators able to retrieve Mrs. Asher’s wedding ring or information that may lead to its return. The ring has been in their family for generations and carries immense nostalgic value. Their daughter who attends college nearby and is our contact was able to snap an Eye image of their assailant but police have been unable to identify the man. Oh, and they aren’t incredibly tactful about what is and is not socially acceptable to say to a mutant so ...enjoy!

6) Open Hands has security guard shifts available.

7) Antiquarian bookseller Dr. Katsiaryna Maysenia is in New York from Belarus while on the hunt for an extremely rare historical manuscript. If authenticated, she has reason to believe that knowledge of its contents may put her very life in danger. This could change everything that we thought we knew! She would like to hire protection to accompany her 24/7 during her time here.

8) Neighborhood watch still needs a few more people for select patrol shifts.

XOXOXO, Boomer

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