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Hey folks. It’s been a crazy week or so since we got back and I’ve been running around like mad. I can’t afford to pay you guys for continuing investigating efforts into Christian and the Burundi problem — I mean I’m behind on everything now and I just can’t afford it — but any volunteer hours you want to put in will be appreciated. Here’s what I’ve managed to rustle up:

1.) Service for Stagram & Wolf. They’ve decided to give us another shot under the contract for whatever reason so let's try for speedy turnaround and good customer service here so we don't get fired.
2.) Kelly Ermeier is another bail jumper that Fyodorov has clued us into. $50,000 bail. We’ll take a $3000 bonus if we can bring him in. Watch out, he’s apparently a really talented arsonist.
3.) Neighborhood watch services. Patrol in the Mutant Town neighborhoods esp between the hours of 11 PM and 4 AM.
4.) Liam Xiu has a missing persons he wants us to look into. His girlfriend, Kita Shumava, has been missing now for about two weeks. Her last contact was a tweet about going into the subway at Columbus Circle.
5.) Tia Eldridge is convinced that her wife Tabitha Luis Gonzales is using drugs and she wants someone to find concrete proof one way or the other so that she can get the help she needs.
6.) Security for Open Hands. Still needs doing!
7.) Bailey McClure is looking to locate her long-lost sister Laura because their father’s will requires them to share the house. Bailey wants to liquidate it but can’t unless Laura signs papers allowing it to be sold.
8.) Vince Cleves is in jail and needs to get his hovercar — sapphire blue 2043 Nissan Suisei — out of impound before the bailment company acts to start possessing it and the property inside (including, apparently, a lot of stuff that belongs to his daughter Rian, like her VR equipment and a very expensive musical instrument — anyone play cello?). We’ve got no paperwork to allow us to do this so we may need to impersonate him or use somebody’s sneaky telepath abilities to make this easy.
9.) Mila Svoboda is looking for escort at her gallery opening in Chelsea next weekend and will need people able to blend in with the crowd. Apparently there was some gloating on a reddit somewhere that suggests that there may be some art thieves attending — if we can catch someone that the authorities are looking for, there may even be a reward for information provided?
10.) Mike Hayato, who works at this awesome little barbecue place in Harlem, has a kid — Kozakura, or ‘Kozie’ - whose powers seem to be this weird, uncontrolled combination of lightning and teleportation — like, she seems to be accidentally transporting herself with electrical jolts and ending up weird places.

Keep up the good work. I’m continuing to try and get us more jobs. We’ve lost some reputation by being gone for awhile but don’t worry, I’ll persevere!



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