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Hey folks. We got some new contracts in this month, so there's work if you're working.

1) Fyodorov gave us a line on another bail jumper. Adrian Adriatti is on the hook for five counts of property destruction and ten counts of assault. It's $3,000 for us if we can bring him in. He's telekinetic and apparently likes to throw things, so be prepared.

2) Pro-mutant activist Subira Arendse is speaking at NYU and requested we provide additional security for her event. She expects protestors - and counter-protests from some of the student groups - so she wants extra bodies to keep anything from escalating.

3) A street vendor who works Mutant Town and the Lower East Side, Taloula Giffords, hired us to find her stolen hot dog cart. She thinks her ex might've taken it. Or maybe a jealous competitor. Or possibly aliens. She's a character. I don't THINK aliens are actually involved.

4) More requests for mutant moving services. There's a guy upstate, Marvin Kravitz, who needs help getting his stuff into what he calls 'a fully functional tree home.'

5) Stagram & Wolf has more papers for us to serve.

6) Open Hands always need security.

7) Neighborhood still needs watching. A couple more businesses signed on to chip into the pool for this contract, so there's (a little) more money for those covering shifts.



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