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(1) Hovervehicle crash at the top of a building. Please help client retrieve as much of the vehicle and its contents as possible.

(2) Missing persons on a new-manifested mutant (age 13). Uncontrolled shapeshifter. Client is one of two parents. The other one may not ... want him back, entirely. Last seen somewhere near the Meat Shack.

(3) Bondsman's bounty posted on federal fugitive (drugrunner accused, nonconviction). Return to Fyodorov's for $3000 bounty on $150,000 bail jump.

(4) Rat infestation at local restaurant. Cash only, no reporting to health dep't. Strict NDA (no Eyes or social media please).

If you drum up business in addition to these, remember your commission bonus and shake your tails out there, people!



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