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ASK ME ABOUT: Jeremy. I can do Eleanor too if you want but she's not been around as much.

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Jeeeeremy. He is amazing and started X-Factor. Does he worry about any of his employees? Are there any he feels are more comfortable or competent about doing their things? I'm kind of curious of his perspective on XF as a general whole.

(Jeremy was sung to the tune of VALERIE)

Would Jeremy still be teaching Drama if he could? What would be the ideal field he would go into if he could do anything?

Does he worry about any of his employees?

Jeremy worries about all of his employees, including the ones who can demonstrably take care of themselves. He worries by nature. He is a very caring person and that frequently resonates with anxiety.

Are there any he feels are more comfortable or competent about doing their things?

For sure. The older ones and the ones who have served on bona fides superhero teams he tends to assume more competent than others. He worries about the kids -- the ones who used to be his students, the ones who are still really young. He worries a lot about Rosalie because she's so new to her powers and also to like, uh, reality? She's young for her years.

He tries to resist the urge to motherhen in places where people can see him do it. These are adults and they're working a job. But he feels a heightened sense of responsibility to the kids, especially when danger happens.

Would Jeremy still be teaching Drama if he could?

No, he was basically moonlighting as a drama teacher. He was there primarily to work with explosive students (in the same role that Jubilee worked with him when he was wee) and to be an X-Man. He enjoyed it, but he never took teaching that seriously. He basically considered himself like ... the recess teacher, the teacher whose job it was to make sure the kids were still getting playtime even in their teens. It means that the Xavier's drama program was not very well respected in the Westchester County theater community. He'd still be teaching at Xavier's if it meant that Xavier's could be what it was before -- but that's not really the point. The school was the whole package, and without Xavier and the X-Men, it's pointless and hollow.

What would be the ideal field he would go into if he could do anything?

He'd be a fucking awesome social worker.

Jeremy's got kind of a 'everybody's dad' vibe going on (excepting, y'know, Richie). Is this a role he played in the X-Man, too?. How did he fit in with the team, and how did he feel about it?

How does Jeremy feel about Xavier's at present? Did he ever consider staying?

What would XFS be in Jeremy's wildest dreams?

Jeremy's got kind of a 'everybody's dad' vibe going on (excepting, y'know, Richie).

I feel like there's a joke to be made here ...

Is this a role he played in the X-Man, too?

How did he fit in with the team, and how did he feel about it?

Mmm, not really I don't think. It's a role he's developed specifically with XFS. When he started with the X-Men, he was actually still pretty young -- it was ten years ago -- and he was also young at heart. He was with the team through his romance with Jane, and I feel like his role throughout a lot of his time on the team was more like support roles + plucky comic relief. XFS is more responsibility than he ever sought before or that ever was put on his shoulders. He was comfortable following leaders -- Ororo, Scott -- and occasionally taking the piss out of them but in a harmless way. Cheeky fortune cookie is about as close to wisdom as he ever got on the team, and on a team that includes people like Logan and Laura and Akihiro and so on, who live basically forever, it's only no wonder.

Part of the reason XFS is a whole new world for him and occasionally overwhelming is that change of roles. He's adopted himself as the team parent because he feels like the team needs one, even if it's the awkward dad or the dorky goofy dad that nobody ever actually asked for. He's brought this thing into being and sometimes he has no idea what he's doing or, you know, WHO'S FLYING THIS THING -- really it's a lot like a Firefly AU where Wash suddenly found out he needs to be Mal Reynolds and what the fuck???

He loved being on the team. He loved helping people and he loved the risk and the sort of quasi nod nod wink wink official status. He loved putting on the uniform. It's a feeling he'll never quite be over.

How does Jeremy feel about Xavier's at present?

Depressed. He hates what it's become and he thinks Scott Summers and the others sold out, gave up. He doesn't know what stand he would have, could have taken, but he harbors a lot of bitterness to go with his very deliberate optimism.

Did he ever consider staying?

Not really. Too salty!

What would XFS be in Jeremy's wildest dreams?

Not the X-Men -- too narrow an agenda. Not X-Force -- too bound by someone else's agenda. But if they COULD be a freeform self-supporting hero team that earned recognition and livelihoods helping the helpless ... that'd be what he'd want. He's not really doing this because what he wants to be running is a temp agency, but he passionately believes in the idea of being able to help people.

Be honest. Does Jeremy want to date Rich for realsies?

Does Jeremy want to date Rich for realsies?

To answer this question, I will need to talk a little about Kyoko Jane Takahashl-Wallace.

Jeremy had a few relationships in his life, some with people that DIED and came back from the dead as AU VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES -- I don't actually know that that's canon, let me start again.

Jeremy had a few relationships in his life that dead ended and that was partly because he didn't at first know or accept that he was queer, and then in college he kind of discovered and explored polyamory and marijuana. For somebody with as much love to give as he has, he enjoyed the concept of love without jealousy and embraced it whole-heartedly. He got burned in the way that you only can when you give too much of yourself -- he was the third in a threeway relationship for awhile but was never the one to whom anyone went first, and eventually burned out on sex and dating in a major way and drifted for awhile in a universe where sexuality was kind of irrelevant except in terms of what porn he looked at.

By the time he joined the X-Men, he was in the midst of a solid several year dry spell that he didn't really expect to change much. What attracted him to Jane initially was that she was so safe. She didn't date, he didn't date. He could be her best friend and she'd never ask him for more because she was terrified to let anyone touch her because she poisoned people with her mouth.

Because you know how that story ended, you can imagine exactly what happened next. They were each persuaded the other was safe. They experimented, eventually, and then fell from close, intimate, share everything friends into devoted lovemaking. He wanted to be everything she needed so badly that he completely sublimated everything that he wanted out of the relationship and turned it entirely into being ABOUT JANE: about this woman who was frightened and damaged and wanted to love but didn't know how, about how he could give her everything.

It wasn't until Gray was born that things started to go seriously south because Jeremy's ability to be generous began to fail him. She was working full time. He was working full time and being an X-Man. Gray was more important to him than Jane.

Jane tried to get him to stand up for himself throughout the course of their relationship and he would never do it. He passionately insisted on his chameleon act (or rather, what do you mean, what do you want Jane, what am I doing that's not enough for you). They fought about it (think Pel/Sebastian, Roz, except WAY WORSE RESULTS). But when they fought about it when Gray was suddenly on the table as a bargaining chip, it became vicious. They argued about extremely minor parenting details as if they were the end of the fucking universe. They took idiotic stands about everything. She threatened to bite him. He blew up the engine in her car. And so on.

The reason I tell this story now is because there's a degree to which Jeremy is falling into exactly this pattern, and he's a little afraid of that, that he doesn't actually know how to be other than he was before. He likes Richard a lot, and he feels really drawn by how badly hurt Richard is, by how supportive he can be. But even now I think that it's a false fear to a degree because Rich doesn't let him do this shit to the extent that Jane did, Rich has actually on-cam returned emotional support TO him in a very real way, and actually has very similar heroing let-me-save-you tendencies to the ones that Jeremy fears in himself. He's afraid to fall in love with Rich because he knows how badly he ruined everything with Jane -- essentially from burning himself the fuck out in trying to be everything she needed ever.

That said --

They're already dating. Like, really. The level of intimacy they are sharing is not really FWB anymore and hasn't been for awhile. They're not really fooling anybody.

And yeah, he wants to date for real. Or rather -- what he wants, really, is that he wants Rich to be okay with dating for real. He wants that desperately. He's just also kind of afraid of it, of what it means. Rich isn't the only one who has been hiding in the safety of ambiguity. He's just noisier about it??

  • One of the things I feel like Jeremy and Kade have in common is that, though they love their kids, neither of them think they've been particularly good fathers. What's one thing in his child's life that Jeremy would change, if he had the power to?

- Kade

  • Are there any clients or jobs he won't let XFS take on? Why or why not?
  • XFS may be Jeremy's dream, but is he committed to keeping it? If someone else wanted to buy him out, but seemed to want to keep the same mission, would Jeremy see? Does he want to actively run the business, or was it more of a 'someone's got to do it' thing?
  • What does Jeremy like to do for fun? You know, besides Richie.
  • BONUS ELEANOR QUESTION: You've mentioned before that Ellie is a bit morally questionable as a psionic. Talk about that.

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