Message to XFS - 6-9-46

From X-Factor

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Initial message to XFS: Shit guys, emergency, fucking -- aliens attacking us at the office -- son of a bitch -- [shattering glass] [message cuts off]

A couple hours later, a followup message goes off:

Alien son of a bitch took Richard and this kid who showed up at our office in a homemade superhero costume with a goddamned cape. There's two blown up monsters all over the conference room. Also our windows are busted to shit.

X-Force people have been getting some intelligence about the Staten Island incident six years ago that is relevant to now. It's classified as hell, but I'm pretty sure it's getting out, based on the massive alien monster corpses currently littering my conference room.

There's a portal. Shit's coming through. They've taken prisoners and I don't care if it's the last thing I do, I'm getting them back.

Peace, guys. I'll be in the ER if anybody needs me.


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