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[7/12/46, 6:12:59 PM] KJTakahashi: You're killing me.
[7/12/46, 6:13:14 PM] KJTakahashi: Wallace. I can see you typing. Type fucking faster.
[7/12/46, 6:13:30 PM] Jeremy Wallace: It's "Wallace" now? Can't I get arrested for answering this Skype?
[7/12/46, 6:13:38 PM] KJTakahashi: This conversation is officially about visitation. You're killing me.
[7/12/46, 6:14:02 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Can I buy a vowel or something?
[7/12/46, 6:14:15 PM] KJTakahashi: You can have a vowel. The vowel is "y". As in "why". As in why, after months of bitching that I'm so mean for not modifying the parenting plan, I send you the paperwork for the mod -- timestamped like ... three weeks ago by the way -- and you don't sign it, you don't return it, and then we get to July and you're late again with the fucking child support.
[7/12/46, 6:15:20 PM] Jeremy Wallace: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
[7/12/46, 6:15:25 PM] KJTakahashi: ...
[7/12/46, 6:15:38 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I know how cute you are when the steam comes out of your ears.
[7/12/46, 6:15:40 PM] KJTakahashi: JEREMY THEODORE WALLACE
[7/12/46, 6:16:12 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Hang on, I'm getting on the subway.
[7/12/46, 6:16:30 PM] KJTakahashi: I WILL NOT FUCKING HANG ON.
[7/12/46, 6:16:40 PM] KJTakahashi: You may find this whole thing hilarious but I really don't, okay? If you're serious about being part of Gray's life you can't just disappear for weeks at a time without responding to messages and I can't -- I CANNOT -- afford to keep paying for everything on my own. I'm running my own business and I know you are too but Gray's growing, they need ... pants! They want new makeup! They stole quarters from the bowling alley and used them to buy fake tattoos and I had to ground them! For stealing quarters and for putting fake tattoos on their face in the school bathroom.
[7/12/46, 6:17:50 PM] KJTakahashi: I'm not like some kind of money vampire trying to drain you dry, this is about your child, and I _CANNOT_ afford to do it on my own, and you can't keep talking about how unfair I am and how much I suck for not just letting you swan in and out of Gray's life like some kind of albatross bird when you can't even consistently make a one week phone call, and you can't sulk when sometimes Gray doesn't want to. GRAY IS NINE. NINE YEAR OLDS HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONALITIES AND INTERESTS and they don't always want to talk to their weirdo dad about Star Trek.
[7/12/46, 6:18:50 PM] KJTakahashi: I'm sorry I called you a flake. I'm sure something came up. I know you're getting on the train but I'm sure you'll tell me all about it in a minute.
[7/12/46, 6:20:01 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Well, first of all, someone should probably take away your shift key.
[7/12/46, 6:20:06 PM] KJTakahashi: Ho ho.
[7/12/46, 6:20:08 PM] Jeremy Wallace: But second of all, I can't tell you about it.
[7/12/46, 6:20:14 PM] KJTakahashi: You can't tell me? You won't tell me.
[7/12/46, 6:20:54 PM] Jeremy Wallace: No, I mean, I can't tell you. I mean I could be federally indicted if I tell you.
[7/12/46, 6:22:01 PM] KJTakahashi: What the hell are you mixed up in
[7/12/46, 6:23:03 PM] KJTakahashi: Jeremy, what are you involving yourself in up there? I thought the X-Men were over.
[7/12/46, 6:23:33 PM] Jeremy Wallace: They were.
[7/12/46, 6:23:39 PM] Jeremy Wallace: They are!
[7/12/46, 6:24:40 PM] KJTakahashi: OK.
[7/12/46, 6:24:49 PM] KJTakahashi: But that's the ballpark.
[7/12/46, 6:25:01 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I'm not confirming or denying that.
[7/12/46, 6:25:30 PM] KJTakahashi: Fuck.
[7/12/46, 6:26:30 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I don't think this conversation is about visitation anymore.
[7/12/46, 6:27:01 PM] KJTakahashi: I got the payment but you didn't send back the signed modification.
[7/12/46, 6:29:01 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I thought you were revoking it because the child support was late again.
[7/12/46, 6:29:04 PM] KJTakahashi: Not for X-Men stuff. Not this time. Not when you were good for six months. But ... you can't miss holidays anymore, OK? Father's day hurt a lot. He made you a card.
[7/12/46, 6:33:02 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Can I see it?
[7/12/46, 6:33:06 PM] KJTakahashi: After the fourth week without a call we decided to put it in the mail instead. You should have it soon if you don't already.
[7/12/46, 6:34:34 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Oh.
[7/12/46, 6:35:00 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Thanks.
[7/12/46, 6:35:06 PM] KJTakahashi: SEND ME THE MOD BACK OH MY GOD. I need to send it Jeanine so she can get it filed in the morning.
[7/12/46, 6:36:09 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Are you sure?
[7/12/46, 6:40:51 PM] KJTakahashi: This is for Gray, Jeremy. It's not about either of us.
[7/12/46, 6:41:02 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Sent.
[7/12/46, 6:42:02 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I'm going to exercise these visitation rights you know. I mean, this isn't just paperwork. I'm going to come over there.
[7/12/46, 6:42:09 PM] KJTakahashi: How the fuck are you going to get away?
[7/12/46, 6:42:48 PM] Jeremy Wallace: I know a guy.
[7/12/46, 6:43:02 PM] KJTakahashi: Well, you're full of shit, and I'm not getting Gray's hopes up until you're actually here, you flaky bastard.
[7/12/46, 6:43:10 PM] Jeremy Wallace: Fair enough.
[7/12/46, 6:43:18 PM] KJTakahashi: Sorry I called you a bastard.
[7/12/46, 6:43:44 PM] Jeremy Wallace: You always did have a nasty mouth.
[7/12/46, 6:43:58 PM] KJTakahashi: I'm fucking blocking you.

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