2016-12-02 Pay

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Hi folks,

Everybody who went on that rescue mission: don't go back to work until you're feeling up to it. I know some of you have other gigs. That's fine. I'm paying you "vacation" on this gig through December 9. Sterling sent me a nice video note about the thanks of a grateful nation and so on. I'll forward it to whoever wants it. I answered him with an invoice that included a hazard bonus.

He paid it without comment, so each of you should get a $200 bump on your 12/1 check in addition to your mission pay. Is this what being a mercenary on government contract is like? Anyways, Merry Christmas.

Mr. Rasputin also sent us a thank you gift. It's in the lounge. I'm a little in love with it, but I have a real weakness for this kind of thing.

Have a good weekend.



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