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Do you ever listen to a song and just think "Gosh, that reminds me so much of _____"? (And then you totally forget to tell _____).

Do you totally already have playlists for your character? Or do you just want to know what reminds people of your character? Or let them know what reminds you of theirs?

Then this Meme is for You! Open for: Irene

RULES: Post this into your feed. Commenters can then leave comments with links to songs (spotify preferred) that remind them of your character. Bonus points for explaining why. THE END

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"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar is very obvious and on nose for Irene. So of course I could not resist posting it.

- Kade Player

/Cause I'm a lost river that'll never reach the sea/ /When you're not here with me, when you're gone/ /I'm sick to my bones, I don't feel natural/ /Without you I'm not whole, when you're gone/

Gone - Bebe Rexha

/And if you complain once more/ /You'll meet an army of me/

/You're alright/ /There's nothing wrong/ /Self sufficiency please!/ /And get to work/

Army of Me - Bjork

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