2016-02-29 OOC: Songmeme

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Do you ever listen to a song and just think "Gosh, that reminds me so much of _____"? (And then you totally forget to tell _____).

Do you totally already have playlists for your character? Or do you just want to know what reminds people of your character? Or let them know what reminds you of theirs?

Then this Meme is for You! Open for: Huruma

RULES: Post this into your feed. Commenters can then leave comments with links to songs (spotify preferred) that remind them of your character. Bonus points for explaining why. THE END

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Two songs!

"Stranger/Lover" - Ibeyi This song kind of gave me a sense of how I've seen you use/Huruma use empathy and her shifting personas in and out of people's lives. It's that in between of where she is and where you want to take her in growth, straddling perceptions.

'Mothercreep' - FKA Twigs Own your little bit of other, girl. (I love it. :D )

I really like the modern sounds of these, and the subject matter is pretty cool. I also really love new female vocalists! :D Thank you!

Hu Songs! Well, song. Nina Simone's "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free" has a vibe I think fits. A want to belong and rebuild, behind a face of ultra-cool strength.

"I wish I could give / All I'm longin' to give / I wish I could live / Like I'm longin' to live / I wish I could do / All the things that I can do / Though I'm way overdue / I'd be starting anew."

- Kade Player

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