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2046-08-14 To: Ciel Kane


Excerpt entry from Christian's diary of letters:

Chère soeur,

Quand je me suis réveillé ce matin, je me suis senti un instant comme si cela avait été qu'un rêve. Ce fut seulement après ma vision centrée et je suis capable de regarder autour de moi que je discerné la vérité. Je crains que je deviens fou du flux constant de la lumière du soleil et de la neige sans fin.

Ujarak et moi avons été séparés des autres jeunes gens dans notre parti. Comme vous le savez , seuls les jeunes hommes sont envoyés sur des expéditions de ce genre. Il a blessé à la jambe et n'a pas été capable d'aller sur. Notre voyage a beaucoup de miles encore, et dans des cas comme celui des hommes sont souvent laissés pour compte.

Je ne suis pas de ce monde. Ils disent que cela me rend faible. Peut-être il le fait. Essayez comme je peux, je ne peux que vous voir dans son visage. Je ne pouvais pas le laisser geler. Avec la partie de chasse jusqu'à l'avant, les proies sont rares. Nous sommes en mesure de se blottir ensemble pour la chaleur dans la tente de mon sac. Notre progression est lente et instable, mais je suis déterminé. J'espère que vous êtes chaud. J'espère que vous n'êtes pas seul. J'espère que ce n'est pas ma dernière lettre.

                                                                                       Puilajuk Inutok

Dear sister,

When I woke this morning, I felt for a moment as though this had all been a dream. It was only after my vision focused and I was able to look around me that I discerned the truth. I fear that I am going mad from the constant stream of sunlight and the endless snow.

Ujarak and I have been separated from the other young men in our party. As you know, only the young men are sent out on these expeditions. He has injured his leg and is not capable of going on. Our journey has many miles yet, and in cases such as this men are often left behind.

I am not from this world. They think this makes me weak. Perhaps it does. Try as I might not to, I can only see you in his face. I cannot leave him to freeze. With the hunting party up ahead, prey is scarce. We are able to huddle together for warmth in the tent from my pack. Our progress is slow and unsteady, but I am determined. I hope you are warm. I hope you are not alone. I hope this is not my last letter to you.

                                                                                       Lonely Spring

OOC: Playlist Meme


Playlist link:







How do you build a playlist? What's your process? I'm big on instrumental for characters. I tend to pay too much mind to lyrics as I'm writing, which can be a big distraction. Also, I suppose my characters have a tendency to leave a lot unsaid. + Fuck yes(!) the related song recommendations at the bottom.

Is your playlist in an order? What is it? All of my playlists are in order.

For Christian, it begins just before he is lost as a kid in the AU and continues to just after his return.

For Tiff, it starts off just before and ends just after a point in her background that hasn't been touched on much, in which an affair with her literary mentor/professor ends badly.

While Samad's is in order, it follows no storyline. Poor Samad. Same for Luka, but we don't feel bad for that guy.

If you had to pick one song to best represent your character, what would it be and why? I can't help but feel as though these all capture their vibes. (That's right. I believe in vibes.)

Christian: River Lea by Adele

Tiff: The Hymn For Cigarettes by Hefner

Samad: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda

Luka: Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge

Do any songs represent events in your character's life? Which ones, and what do they represent? Most of Christian's songs are very literal for his story. They just fell into place. I would say the others' playlists are much more vague.

Do any songs represent people or relationships in your character's life? Which ones, and who do they represent? No. Then again, none of them have ever actually been in a relationship with another PC. I'm sure if that were the case, I'd have much more inspiration!

Would your character listen to this playlist? What song would be their favorite? Tiffany would probably listen to Luka's. ;)

2046-07-18 Found


Margie Brams stops herself from picking at the cheap olive and cream colored laminate of the kitchen fold-out table. She carefully presses her palm into where the thin layer lifts at the corner of the table where she sits. Her other hand is poised over a heavy glass ashtray shaped like aphrodite's clamshell. She hadn’t smoked in decades but took up the bad habit after having returned to New York some months ago.

“{Yes, I understand that it is hard to prove-}” Margie starts before being outspoken. She falls into mousey, subservient silence as the voice on the other end of her Ears prattles on. She stabs out her cigarette with a pained, helpless look at her surroundings. “{Thank you.}”

Sighing, Margie takes a moment to press her hands against her thin, greasy hair where it is pulled back into an uncomfortable bun. The lighting in the room accentuates the heavy bags under her eyes and the unhealthy paleness of her skin. She has only half removed the uniform she wears to clean houses.

Out of sight, an oscillating fan rattles as it slowly surveys the room. It stops just short of facing Christian’s mother before turning away.

Rolling her eyes, Margie pushes off of her seat in favor of moving into the fan’s range. She gestures in the air in front of her to pull information up on her Eyes and unclips the collar of her shirt just as the familiar ‘ping’ prompts her to begin recording her voice message. The blonde takes a deep sigh that is recorded into the message before she begins, “Hello. This message is for Lucille Kane. This is Margie Brams. Christian’s mother,” as if Ciel doesn’t know all of this by now. It isn’t likely that the initial news of Christian’s absence went over very well, even with Margie’s very demure usual manner. She hesitates before saying that she’s Damien’s wife, but goes on to explain that she has heard from Christian and out of obligation to bend to her son and husband’s wishes, she is calling to let Ciel know that he is alive and in Burundi at the U.S. consulate. There is quite a deal of bureaucracy involved in returning him to the states, particularly due to the age disparity and, well, lack of funds. “Please understand,” Margie pauses again. Her mouth twitches downward as she musters up a rare spark of courage. She folds both arms over her chest and when she speaks, her voice trembles, “I do not need your help. I do not want your help. You’ve done enough.”

At her son’s request, a similar voice message is sent to Richard Rider.

2046-07-06 To: Ciel Kane


Chère soeur,

Je suis désolé. Il n'y a pas de ténèbres la nuit. Les mois et les mois passent sans un mot. Je sais que je ne l'ai pas écrit pour vous de temps en temps. Je pourrais mentir. Je pourrais vous dire que Toklo nous avait voyager très loin. La vérité est que je ne pouvais pas vous faire face. Nous avons fait voyage. Nous avons fait une randonnée de nombreux miles à un marché pour le commerce de nos produits. Il n'y a pas de femmes avec nous. Je vis une femme là-bas. Elle me sourit et je pensais -- Je lui ai pris pour vous. Je dois avouer. J'ai oublié votre visage. Votre peau est comme le mien? Est-ce votre nez comme le mien? Vos yeux sont sombres ou sont-ils semblent juste sombre, parce que vous êtes si grave? Avez-vous même sourire? Je suis tombé à genoux et pleuré. Je ne pouvais pas arrêter. Ce fut la première fois que je l'ai pleuré depuis venir ici. Je me suis tourné si engourdi par le froid. Toklo dit que je suis en état de choc et que les pleurs est bon. Il dit que je peux oublier et guérir, maintenant. Je ne veux pas guérir. Je ne veux pas oublier.

Demain est ma première chasse longue. Ujarak, le fils de Toklo, et je vais sortir avec d'autres garçons de notre âge. Si nous revenons, nous serons des hommes. On me dit beaucoup ne sont pas revenus. Je me demande si je meurs - Je me demande si Dieu me souviens de votre visage, puis. Je me demande si je serai en mesure de voir ma mère ou notre père. Lorsque nous rencontrons à nouveau dans le ciel, je prie pour que vous vous souviendrez toute mon visage. Je ne crois plus que nous nous retrouverons dans la vie.

Je ne veux pas oublier qui je suis ou qui vous êtes, mais il est si difficile. Ils ne me demandent pas ‘Christian’, ici. Ils ne peuvent pas le prononcer et ils ne me comprennent pas quand ils demandent ce que cela signifie. Ils me nommés 'Puilajuk Inutok.’ 'Puilajuk' signifie une source d'eau. 'Inutok' signifie être seul.


Dear sister,

I am sorry. There is no darkness at night, but I know that I have not written to you in a long time. Months and months pass without a word. I could lie. I could tell you that Toklo had us traveling very far. The truth is that I could not face you. You see, we did travel. We hiked many miles to a market to trade our goods. There are no women with us, but I saw a woman there. She smiled at me and I thought -- I mistook her for you. I must confess. I have forgotten your face. Is your skin like mine? Is your nose like mine? Are your eyes dark or do they just seem dark, because you are so serious? Do you even smile? I fell to my knees and cried. I could not stop. It was the first time I have cried since coming here. I have become so numb from the cold. Toklo says I have been in shock and that the crying is good. He says I can forget and heal, now. I do not want to heal. I do not want to forget.

Tomorrow is my first long hunt. Ujarak, Toklo’s son, and I will go out with other boys our age. If we return, we will be men. I am told many have not returned. I wonder if I die -- I wonder if God will let me remember your face then. I wonder if I will be able to see my mother or father. When we meet again in heaven, I pray that you all will recognize me. I no longer believe that we will meet again in life.

I do not want to forget who I am or who you are, but it is so hard. They do not call me ‘Christian,’ here. They cannot pronounce it and they do not understand me when they ask what it means. They named me ‘Puilajuk Inutok.’ Puilajuk is the word for a spring of water. Inutok is the word for being alone.


2046-04-09 To: Ciel Kane


Chère Lucille,

      Est-ce que le nom de votre père Damien Kane? Si tel est le cas , je vous écris pour vous informer que je suis votre demi-frère. Mon père est Damien Kane, aussi. Je suis désolé pour la surprise.
      Je m'appelle Christian. J'ai seize ans. Je suis originaire de la République du Burundi. Je suis récemment tombé à New York, en raison de nos problèmes.
      Ma mère me déteste pour vous écrire. Elle déteste me écrire à mon père, aussi. Je dois écrire. Je suis très confus et triste. Je ne sais pas quoi croire. Quand j'appris de vous, je me demandais si vous étiez confus et triste?
      Je jouais au football avec mes amis à la maison. Je n'ai des amis à New York. Ma mère m'a inscrit pour le football à ma nouvelle école. Je ne suis pas très bon. Mon premier match est le samedi après-midi. Les familles des étudiants regardent tous, mais ma mère travaille le samedi et le père-
      Voulez-vous regarder? Vous ne devez pas sentir obligé. Je comprends si vous devez travailler. Je vais joindre l'information. ...J'aimerais te connaître. Veux tu me connaître?

Dear Lucille,

      Is the name of your father Damien Kane? If that is the case, I am writing to inform you that I am your half-brother. My father is Damien Kane, too. I'm sorry for the surprise.
      My name is Christian. I'm sixteen years old. I am from the Republic of Burundi and recently came to New York because of our problems.
      My mom dislikes me writing to you. She dislikes me writing to dad, too. I must write. I am very confused and sad. I do not know what to believe. When I learned of you, I was wondering if you were confused and sad?
      I played football with my friends at home. I have no friends in New York. My mom signed me up for soccer at my new school but I'm not very good. My first game is Saturday afternoon. The students’ families all watch, but my mom works Saturdays and dad-
      Would you want to watch? You should not feel obligated. I understand if you need to work. I will still enclose the information. ...I would like to know you. Do you want to know me?