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Tooth and Claw - Week of May 16

The subject of Arturo's podcast, Tooth and Claw, for the week of May 16 concerns the latest death of mutant characters on television. Some of the shows in question do treat mutant characters with more respect (though none are played by mutant actors that anyone is aware of) but the recent streak of deaths for mutant characters is concerning. In particular, many of the mutant characters have died after the character lost control of their powers. "It's not only that these characters die. I recognize that some of these characters exist in fictional universes that are dangerous and have a high body count in general. But the latest statistics are alarming. Like gay characters or non-white characters in decades past, mutant characters have become the latest group to die from stray bullets, or after just finding a moment of happiness. Do we never learn from past mistakes? Media representation matters. What the media is telling us right now is that although some mutants are sympathetic and deserving of respect, we're too dangerous to live."

Tooth and Claw - Week of May 9

The subject of Arturo's podcast, Tooth and Claw , for the week of May 9th concerns rumors in the media concerning whether certain celebrities might actually be mutants. He compares it to the obsession with sexual orientation a few decades ago.

The podcast talks about a few rumors in particular - especially about a young starlet who seems to have a very feline appearance and seems especially graceful. He ends the podcast thusly:

"Although you might try to argue that knowing whether or not someone is a mutant is in public interest - call it what it is. You're curious. You're nosy. You want to know because we're obsessed with celebrity and their mutational status is part of a celebrity's story. If I were a mutant actor, hell yeah I'd hide it. I mean, what kind of career can you hope to have if you can only travel by train? How are you supposed to get to sets or to do press junkets? And who the hell would actually hire you? I applaud any mutants who are out there acting who are in the closet. I say, stay there. I still hope for the day when our society smartens up and stops seeing every mutant as a potential threat. Then, those actors can come out of the shadows and be part of a campaign to change minds. Same goes for any mutants out there who feel the need to hide. I understand it. In a lot of cases, it's smart. They may be breaking the law, but I hope one day we look back and realize that they were breaking an unjust law."