Eric Smith

From X-Factor

Eric Smith
Alias Whisper
Gender Male
Age 33
Mutation Sound Manipulation
Birth Feb 02, 2012
Height 5'11"
Hair Brown
Eyes Cloudy
Markings Blind
Skin Lightly tanned
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School, X-Men, X-Factor Solutions

Eric Smith is former X-Men and an up-and-coming local personage of Mutant Town, though less for his heroics than his frequent presence at its more... charming drinking spots.

Public Information

Eric can be found around Mutant Town pretty often, with a higher than average chance of one of those locations serving alcohol. He's done the odd job here or there and seems to be a returned child, a decade gone, in fact.


He's a functional drunk, though it looks like he tries for occasional restraint. He's also almost impossible to sneak up on and, on very rare evenings, can be talked into a song or two of rather singular skill.


Eric is a sound manipulator. He can create it, intensify it to explosive levels, dampen it, and manipulate it in various fashion to create a variety of effects. A side-effect of this power is an incredibly accute, accurate sense of hearing with the ability to hear sounds just outside the range of normal people.

Intensify: Eric can make a whisper sound like a gunshot or use his own voice to create a deafening, concussive force.

Dampen: Eric can turn the volume down on an area or just a specific source, though completely eliminating sound is antithetical to him on a nearly genetic level, so he can never destroy it. If he can perceive a single source of sound, he can dampen that one source, or he can indiscriminately dampen all sound in a radius of about 15 meters from himself.

Manipulate: This is the most versatile aspect of his powers -- he can mimic sounds (just heard he could make a perfect imitation, from recall it'd be a matter of familiarity, ability and luck), alter the source of a sound (ventriloquism), create sounds (aural illusions), limit propogation of sounds (secret conversations), retrieve sounds (eavesdropping), and other creative uses of sound.

Range: He can hear a whisper at 50m and a normal conversation at 100m, louder and more quiet sounds affecting this range. His range is also medium based, he can hear lower frequency sounds in earth and water better, but for someone speaking underwater or behind rock, his range is quartered through each respectively, (1m Air = 25cm Water = 6.25cm Solid).

Limitations: Eric cannot completely eliminate sound. Eric can only affect sound that he can percieve (if he is deafened, he is powerless). Sound requires a medium and so any sort of vacuum would nullify his powers.


Surveillance, investigation and intelligence gathering.


He can be quite personable, but only toward things that don't matter. He also has a stubborn tendency to fall into drink.


He was part of Xavier's School and spent a few years with the X-Men. An injury during the prison break of '34 and the ensuing backlash against mutants saw him bitter and jaded enough to leave the team for "travel".


He has recently returned to New York upon hearing of the death of Charles, signing himself to the roster for X-Factor Solutions. His motives aren't quite apparent, but if he's allowed his whiskey, he's competent and professional when it comes to the jobs.