Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller

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Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller
Alias Toro
Gender Male
Age 29
Mutation Speed/Agility
Birth July 16, 2016
Height 6'1"
Hair Dark
Eyes Dark
Markings A particularly brutal scar extending across his arm and torso, stopping just before his heart. Micaela' tattooed on left buttock.
Skin Brown
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Force
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Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller is a charming speedster and former X-Force agent. He is also a bullfighter of significant renown who spent the last few years in Madrid with his wife Micaela Teller.

Public Information

2016-Born in Madrid, Spain

2033-2036 - Premieres as a Matador in Madrid to great success and minor fame.

2036 - Moves to the United States and joins X-Force later that year.

2040 - Leaves the country after the close of X-Force.

Late 2040 - Re-debuts as a Matador. His highly practiced mutation boosts his minor celebrity of his youth into a sensation.

2046 - Moves to New York with his wife of five years, Micaela Teller


Terribly charming, terrible flirt, and incapable of taking a bad photo.


Diego is graced with super-human speed and agility, as well as an increased endurance that keeps his body from feeling that effects of that enhanced speed. While he can learn physical motions far faster than the average human, largely through hyperspeed repetition (10,000 hours come quicker at 200mph), there is no real mental benefit to his abilities. He is not a man who is ever likely to out-think the villain.

At his peak speed, Diego can move faster than a speeding bullet for a minimal amount of time - 1,200 mph for about 5 seconds - quick enough to dodge it and punch the shooter in the face or outrace it to rescue someone. He can only do this six times in a day when well rested. Trying to do more than that is enough to send him into systemic exhaustion. In general, it's hell on his shoes and on his body.

His can comfortably sustain motion at 200 mph for two hours before running out of energy desperately needing to refuel. This does mean he occasionally gets in pissing contests with Ferraris.

GM Notes

  • Going Faster than a Speeding Bullet - Can only be done 6 times in a day
  • Usage of speed in scene may earn him a second action pose if deemed appropriate.




Si? Si.


Arriving in the the hot summer months of Madrid, just after the San Isidoro - the world's most famous bullfighting festival, Diego Andrade de Prado was born with fire in his blood. The unlikely son of a former matador of small, local renown and a poised US embassy worker, he grew up with his parents divided by an ocean. Which was a decision for the best, with tempers that couldn't cohabitate for longer than brief holiday visits, when she'd stay under his family's roof. With an overabundance of grandparents, cousins, half-siblings, and friends, Diego was not often bothered by their split..

What mattered to him was the corrida - the matador arena. He was four when he first saw it. His hand held by his father, staring through the sea of people with their shouts ringing up to the sky, the dark dance of the bull and the brilliant flare of the matador. The air thick with excitement. The corrida with its walls shaped more finely than a church. It was everything.

In that moment, his small heart set on that path. The idea that he would one day be a matador at Las Venta corrida, the jewel of Madrid's bullfighting circle. At five - after much impassioned pleading - he began training under his father's tutelage. When he was a little older he joined a formal academy, learning the motions of a matador: the dance of the capes, the deadly edge of the sword, and acceptance of the power of the bull. Death is, after all, always a possibility in the corrida.

Diego had his premier as a novice matador at sixteen. A slim, embroidered figure composed of dark eyes and passionate gestures, he performed like a man far beyond his age. His every motion just on the side of too swift, his cape a red flare against the packed earth, and his encounters dangerously close. It was a spectacular dance between boy and bull and the crowd went wild with cheers as the final blow was struck. He was an instant sensation. He was also a mutant.

The onset of his abilities happened abruptly during his training years amid a beginners match that went horribly wrong. There had been a switch up in the bulls, leaving the small boy of eleven facing a beast that should have been well beyond his years. It had already seen blood that day. One minute he stood in front of its hot breath, certain to be gored, the next minute the word slowed and became silent as he sped past its horns. The next he stood, sword poised and pointed, victorious and unharmed. His trainer who watched the whole thing quickly took him aside and rather than hide his abilities, encouraged him to hone them as much as possible. They would be what, along with hard won skill, would propel him towards fame in the corrida. His speed would also enable him to continue his schooling to earn his pre-college degree without giving up his training - a requirement from his mother to continue.

In the hotbed of Spanish culture, his mutational skills were lauded as adding fresh vigor to the matador art. The nation was slowly becoming more mutant-positive and an attractive, attainable mutant heart throb was enough to woo the naysayers through fascination, if not to change their minds. It was a wild time of celebrity for a young Diego. A mix of parties, girls, boys, events, and most importantly the continued fights.

There was a side effect to his mutant celebrity. Jealousy and xenophobia came hand in hand from some of his competitors, who bitter about Diego's natural advantages and youthful fame In 2035 he was badly injured, gored nearly through his arm and across his chest, when /multiple/ additional bulls were released during his bout. One of his bandelliros died in the attempt. No matter how quickly he could move, pinned down by a bull as he was, Diego couldn't save him. He could only watch.

His mother, who had been a beloved satellite in his life, begged him to come to the States while he was healing, pleading to him to take a break from the sport to finish his education. She enrolled him in NYU in 2036 and worked to get his paperwork pushed through. Diego only managed to get through a few months of classes before X-Force came calling. A talented, practiced, mutant of even minor international fame doesn't escape notice when entering the country, especially one with a dual visa. Enticed by their offer, and already finding he was not especially suited to academia, Diego joined on.

X-Force provided a different state to match wits with death than the corrida. Diego took to the training with the same fervor and dedication that occupied his youth. Discipline and speed made him a quick study, literally, to all the martial and physical aspects of the job. He excelled in stealth missions due to his speed, but often overdid things with a flare for the dramatic making him less than ideal in some situations. Although, his preference to blades over guns and the quick, intimate kill made some of his colleagues uncomfortable. He continued to dabble in romance and be a terrific flirt no matter the situation. In his soul, Diego felt they were doing good.

Then Staten Island happened and his new life crumbled. With agents scattering to the wind, Diego asked his new girlfriend, Micaela Teller to return to Spain with him in an act of impulsiveness that largely defined their relationship. She said yes. Upon returning to Madrid after a whirlwind of travel, he was contacted by his former agent to return to bullfighting. His return from retirement was dramatic, an event in and of itself, with a twist. He would be pitted not against one bull, but /two/ in some fights, using his speed at a rate slow enough to be watched but quick enough to be dramatic and escaping near death when necessary.

After one such fight, in a fight a passion, he proposed to Micaela. Again, she said yes. Their wedding was a large, brilliant circus that made their papers. His return to minor celebrity was as dramatic as his return to the corrida. Their relationship has continued to make the papers over the last five years.


But, nothing lasts forever. In the past few years there has been a slow seeping of the anti-mutant feelings into Spain that has added an uncomfortable air to this formerly welcoming city. So when his wife suggested they return to the States for a while to help her family resettle, he agreed. Now they find themselves back in New York City


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