Cody Quinn

From X-Factor

Cody Quinn
Alias Weed
Gender Male
Age 27
Mutation Plant Manipulation
Birth June 01, 2018
Height 6'0
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Markings A tattoo of the Colorado mountains on the inside of his left forearm.
Skin Fair
Affiliation Atlantic Terminal Mall
Previous Affiliation X-Force

Cody Quinn is a friendly stoner bro and ex-X-Force agent who likes chill thrills and growing plants with his mind. He can hook you up.

Public Information

Cody Quinn was a talented up-and-coming snowboarder on the cusp of extreme sports glory before an injury ended his budding career. This injury just happened to occur right after new restrictions banned mutants from competition and required testing for all competitors, but there's a youtube video of him taking a really nasty fall, so the injury story is generally believed.

His school records show a C student at best, and teacher comments indicate reasonable intelligence but a reluctance or inability to apply himself. He was arrested several times as a juvenile for trespassing, vandalism, and criminal mischief, all tied to skate/snowboarding where he wasn't supposed to.

He has been employed for the last 2.5 years as a Security Guard at Atlantic Terminal Mall, which is exactly as dead-end a job as 'terminal' suggests. He also has a couple of online businesses, including small batch organic and heirloom produce, custom-shaped bonsai, and high-end marijuana products. He lives in an apartment in a nondescript brownstone in an inconvenient and fairly cheap but hipster-gentrifying part of town. His social media accounts indicate a love of cheap beer, Red Bull merchandise, and the giant trampoline that apparently takes up most of his backyard.


Cody's known to be a mix of aggressive, reckless enthusiasm and laid back chill. When he's into something he is very into it but he rarely gets angry or impatient, as far as anyone's seen. He took X-Force training seriously mostly only because he thought it was awesome and enjoyed it and wanted to be good at it because it was awesome, though he's not selfish and does care about teammates and helping people out. His powers are not the most obviously applicable, expect for the ones he's still hit-or-miss with controlling, so "why is he here, again?" was not an uncommon reaction.


Cody can shape and control plants, on both a macro and micro level. This distinction is less a scientific one than a shorthand for doing small things vs. doing big things.

Micro: He can cause seeds to sprout and grow at accelerated rates, control the production of fruits/seeds/toxins/chemical compounds/flowers, etc. He cannot make something exist in a plant that is not naturally occurring (like growing a daisy that produces cyanide) but he can manipulate what's already there, for instance changing the sugar levels in an apple to make it sweeter, or the concentration of THC in a pot plant, or the potency of poison ivy. He can manipulate the growth and movement of small plants (anything smaller than a stalk of corn), causing them to take on unusual shapes, or even pull themselves up out of the soil and walk around. The larger the plant, the more difficult this is. His limit for simultaneous manipulation is roughly ten corn plants, and this would be something he could manage for no more then 20 minutes or so after which he would be tapped and continued power use would risk serious health consequences.

Macro: He can work on a larger scale, but this ability is far less developed at this point. He is technically capable of growing man-sized Venus Fly Traps, making trees jump out of the way of a skiier or wrap up a bad guy in a bear hug, thorny hedges grow to encircle enemies, or vines reach out to stop a moving car. Right now use of this ability is a coin flip at best-- he's just as likely to lose control and accidentally screw up as do anything useful. It also requires a great deal more energy. Walking a full grown oak tree for a couple minutes or growing vines strong enough to toss a couple people around would be his present limits.

Overall: He can kill live plants and revive withered or dead plants, and grow plants in conditions in which they would not normally survive, but he cannot create plant life from nothing. At present he has to be within a hundred yards or so of the plant he's manipulating in order to sense and control it.

Toxin Secretion: As a secondary mutation he has the ability to produce the toxin (of a plant to be named later) from his skin. It's currently a limited ability that he was just starting to develop with the help of X-Force training before they were disbanded. He can sort of do it, sometimes, but it takes more power and concentration than his usual abilities and he can't always manage it on command or with sufficient potency to be worthwhile.

GM Notes

The complexity of the task and whether he has line of sight also impact his effective range. Manipulating already-existing live plants is always easier than growing them from scratch or in an unnatural way. As he approaches the limits of range and complexity the chances of things going wrong increase proportionally and may need modifiers, but additional training and practice could ameliorate this over time.


Broooooooo, that was siiiiiiiick! Do it again! No, come on, do it again!! For real bro, you've got to do it again, that was amaAAAAziiiiing.