Ciel Kane

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Lucille Barbara Kane
Alias Comet, Shikra
Gender Female
Age 31
Mutation Flight, Portals
Height 5'8"
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Green
Skin Pale
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Force, Garuda Mercenaries
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Ciel is a former X-Force member, a former mercenary, a current PI, and the daughter of a couple of terrorists. She likes partying hard and working hard. Also flying.

Public Information

  • US Citizenship granted at 13
  • Legal guardianship transferred to Jean-Paul Beaubier at 13
  • PI License granted 2042


Ciel is an adrenaline junky with a penchant for bright lights, loud music, and fast things. She also tends to hold others to high standards as determined by her own sense of morals, and isn't terribly shy about letting people know when they fall short, which can make her seem judgmental at best (true) and hypocritical at worst (also true).


Ciel possesses a mutation that functions similar to her mother and uncle's, though the particulars of its manifestation differ. Like them, she is able to channel and direct atomic motion and velocity. Unlike them, hers comes in two very particular formats.

She can affect the atomic motion and velocity of her own body in any direction, allowing for the upward thrust of flight. Unlike her mother, however, her ability to raise her own velocity is limited to about 20mph, the speed of a very fast sprinter. IE, she can fly, but not very fast. She's also got a killer 100 meter sprint, as long as she's not racing against another Beaubier.

She can also affect the atomic motion and velocity of air molecules within her direct line of sight. She can excite the air into such frantic motion that it opens a pair of portals allowing for passage from one to the other. Portals are two-ways; people and objects can enter and exit through both. Both portals must be within her direct line of sight, limiting them to about 3 miles when on the ground under absolutely perfect circumstances. Practically, there are usually walls or trees in the way. In the air, the distance varies according to her height, but her maximum range regardless of line-of-sight is 5 miles.

Portals are always formed in the air, never on objects. She can form them with line of sight through transparent objects like glass, but not through electronics, like video feeds.

By default, her portals are outlined by a ring of photons, giving it a shimmery Beaubier sparkle. She can prevent this from happening to create 'stealth' portals for about 60 seconds, but doing so takes more concentration and energy and she does not generally bother unless it's needed. She can also ramp this sparkly up to about 100 watts for about 30 seconds, with the same drain of concentration and energy that's required to suppress it.

She can control the size of her portals, which vary from the size of a quarter to roughly six feet by four feet, enabling two small persons abreast or one large person to pass through at a time. Maintaining a portal is more draining than opening and closing several in quick succession, so she tends to prefer fast-paced action. Any use of her portals is mentally draining, however, and requires close focus, something she's spent years perfecting.

She can pass through her own portals, but they will close immediately behind her. On a clear day, she can use this ability in conjunction with her flight to 'hop' through the sky. She can do this quickly enough for it to seem almost like teleportation with a few seconds' lag. It is far more taxing to hold open a portal she is also passing through while in flight, however, and she can only manage to do this about 20 times before she needs a recharge (perhaps 30 times if she were pushing to the point of literal falling-over exhaustion), giving her a realistic limit of 100 miles.

GM Notes

Most aspects of Ciel's mutation are pretty straight-forward, but if she has been using it for a long time, especially if she has been holding a portal open for a long time or 'teleporting' for more than 8 or 9 jumps, a negative modifier to signify exhaustion would be appropriate.

Likewise, if she has some reason to be SUPER distracted, a negative modifier would make sense.


Ciel is a fairly good amateur woodworker and has picked up carving - wood, soap, and other soft substances - in the past couple of years.

She's also a really bad Catholic who's great at pretending to be a really good Catholic.


Ciel is bright and brash, with a deep craving for the rush of adrenaline and a deep need to do something worthwhile with herself. She's generally friendly on the surface, but also has a tendency to ride a moral high horse, and in longer acquaintances, this can often lead to clashes.


Lucille Kane was born in 2014 to Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and Damien Kane, both members of al-Sahra. She spent the early part of her life in Africa, raised as part of an organization intent on increasing access to irrigation, healthcare, and education. And other less savory things, certainly, but to Ciel, Remaal al-Sahra was the embodiment of the Catholic values her mother instilled in her. For the first decade and change of her life, she moved from place to place through the small towns of central sub Saharan Africa.

Then came 2027, when X-Force swept in to take away her parents and most of the steady adult figures in her life in handcuffs. After a whirlwind of a week, she landed in her uncle's apartment, sullen and angry and full of blame. She was 13.

It was an attitude that would persist through her teenage years. Her relationship with Jean-Paul was fraught with tension. She clung to her anger as the only familiar note in a world turned upside down. She began to rebel in small ways. She refused to attend church. She went weeks saying no more than a few words to him. She took back clothes he purchased to exchange them for less family-friendly versions. Eventually, small ways became larger ways, from shoplifting to alcohol and cigarettes to bringing girls home with her lipstick smeared across their mouths.

It took two years for her walls to come down enough for them to come to some sort of truce. Her manifestation just before her 15th birthday gave them a common ground. It was a start.

The rest of Ciel's teenage years were far from easy; she had already established herself as a rebel, and she never quite lost the taste for shocking her oft-uptight uncle. But their shared mutation opened a door, and slowly, Ciel began to reclaim some aspects of her mother's faith. By the time she turned 18, she had developed a finely-tuned sense of justice and a thirst to do something about the lack of it in the world. Between Jean-Paul and several family friends, her exposure to the possibilities made her path into X-Force completely unsurprising.

She wasn't a natural, but she was /dedicated/. Her history weighed heavily on her, and from the start Ciel was an agent with something to prove. She worked tirelessly, taking cues from Jean-Paul when it came to hours and dedication and the occasional reckless risk. And she partied just as hard. She gained a reputation as an adrenaline junkie, fond of fucking and fighting and flying. Not every agent lived for the job, but Ciel did.

When X-Force was dissolved after the disaster on Staten Island, Ciel's entire world came crashing down on her for the second time in her life.

This time, she found herself without any roots at all. She was 26, and her entire adult life had been spent training to do a job no one would hire her to do, ever again. As X-Force began to scatter, Ciel packed her bags and flew halfway across the world to the one place that might still use her as she'd trained very hard to be used. She spent three years in India, working as a mutant for pay. It scratched an itch, but with every day that passed, Ciel found it harder to ignore the sense that she wasn't doing anything worthwhile. Worse, some of the things she was doing were more than a little morally questionable. Ciel had never been one for rules, but morals were less flexible.

She left again, and this time ended up in Lexie's lap. Working as a PI scratches the other sort of itch, most of the time. Or at least, it doesn't leave her feeling like she can't look at herself in the mirror at the end of the day. She tries to fill her drive for adrenaline with clubs and flight and sex, but it doesn't fill the same hole.

Ciel is restless, frustrated and angry at X-Force's dissolution even five years later. And being a PI is really, really boring compared to saving the world.