Christmas in July

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Christmas In July
Begin Date 2017/07/01
End Date 2017/07/15
Location Ice Age AU
GM Scar
Participants RohanAltish, Orianne
Organizations X-Factor Solutions

Though a single year has gone by since our heroes last set foot there, forever shifting the course of history, over two millennia have passed on the harsh, post-apocalyptic world of ice and snow. Now, a portal opens back up to this unforgiving world, where every day here is another full year there.

There are no immediate signs of life beyond. No grand celestial armies or medieval fantasy forces stir. There is only darkness and every so often, a single fleck of snow.

X-Factor Solutions in its newest capacity is obligated to assess what risks this ice world might now pose to our own. Accounts exist of Christian's time there as well as the team's attempt to retrieve him, but it is unlikely that he will not be convinced to return.

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